6 steps to a beautiful tan

6 steps to a beautiful tan
Fashion in the tan introduced incomparable Coco Chanel back in the twenties of the last century. Since then, the skin of the color of chocolate does not give up its position, remaining one of the bright summer trends. However, fashion is fashion, and health is above all! In pursuit of a beautiful tan do not write off a few simple and important rules.

Take vitamin complexes. Some manufacturers produce special dietary supplements for an ideal tan. It is better to start taking them per month before the start of the summer season. They will help not only to quickly tan, but also to protect the skin from dryness, pigmentation and photoaging.

Make a body peeling during the week до принятия солнечных процедур. Его можно сделать самостоятельно при помощи кофейного скраба или записаться в салон. Эта процедура избавит кожу от омертвевших клеток и обеспечит ровный красивый загар.

Lie down on carrots or juice from this root. Try in the summer to drink every day a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. This vegetable is replete with carotene, which contributes to the production of melanin. Thanks to the usual carrot you will get a beautiful tint in just a few days! Just do not forget to add a little cream to the juice, so that all the vitamins are well absorbed.

Be modest. No matter how much you want to become a mulatto quickly, do not spend the whole day under the sun – it is fraught with negative consequences. The best time to stay on the beach is from 9 to 11 in the morning, and after 16 hours. Daylight rays are extremely dangerous for health – under their action you risk not to get tanned, but to burn!

Use special sunscreen that matches your photo. The lighter your skin, the higher the level of protection for the product used. In the early days of sunburn, you should use creams and sprays with SPF 50 +, then you can switch to 15-25 protection. Such cosmetics not only protects the skin from getting sunburn, it also provides sufficient moisturizing and struggles with free radicals that are guilty of premature aging.

Увлажняйте кожу. После пребывания под солнечными лучами кожа изрядно обезвожена и нуждается в активном увлажнении. Для этого можно использовать любые увлажняющие кремы для тела. Только тогда ваш загар будет действительно красивым!

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