5 Secrets to Skin Care

5 Secrets to Skin Care
If you can not boast of perfect skin and even complexion, this reminder should be learned in a tooth and follow it strictly. Skin care should be regular. Only then can we hope for good results.

Clear by all the rules!
Every day, the skin has to take on the "blows" of the environment: dust, temperature changes, aggressive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. But you have the opportunity to reduce the negative impact of these factors to a minimum. To do this, the skin must be cleaned daily from contaminants. But you do not need to do this, but by all means! In the mornings, when the rested skin looks fresh, you can just wash your face with warm (not hot) water. After that, apply moisturizing (spring-summer) or nutritious (autumn-winter) cream, suitable for your skin type. The procedure for evening cleansing should be more thorough. First of all, no matter how tired you are, be sure to take the make up with a special milk or foam and wash with gel. After this, wipe the skin with a toner: it will dry and narrow the pores. Well, and then you can apply a cream on your face. 1-2 once a week, use scrubs to remove dead skin particles – this will give the skin a fresh face.

Hide your face from the sun!
I'll tell you one of the secrets of the youth of Hollywood beauties – they protect their face from the sun's rays! And you thought their wide-brimmed hats were just a tribute to fashion? Scientists have long proven: nothing so quickly does not age and does not dry the skin like ultraviolet. Here why in the heat it is important to use cosmetics with UV filters, apply sunscreen and cover your face from hot rays.

Внимательно выбирай косметику!
Take care that in your cosmetic bag and on the shelf in the bathroom "lived" only quality products and exclusively those that suit your type and skin condition. Washing the girlfriend, which she so enthusiastically responds, will not necessarily be effective for you. And experiments with super-expensive rejuvenating cream for the face of your eldest sisters или мамы – вообще табу. Дело в том, что такая косметика содержит активные вещества, которые твоей коже в данный момент абсолютно ни к чему.

Observe the regime!
Lean on fresh vegetables-greens-fruit-berries, and not on sweet-fat-sharp, because two cakes for the night or a baker with smoked sausage in the morning can make a surprise – in the form of pimples or irritation. And do not you dare to exhaust yourself with diets, especially invented by you or your girlfriend yourself! Restricting yourself to food, you run the risk of causing an imbalance in the body, than you can earn problems not only with the skin, but also with internal organs. And even sleep for at least 8 hours a day, that would avoid the result of night hangouts – bruises under the eyes and a dull complexion.

Do not let it dry out!
Do you know that the skin is thirsty, especially during a hot summer, when the moisture evaporates very quickly from the body? So the skin should be moistened not only from the outside (with the help of creams, lotions), but also from the inside. Water allows it to remove toxins and helps to stay smooth and supple. To make the skin feel comfortable and look good, you should drink at least a minimum of 7-8 glasses of liquid a day!

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