5 secrets of the beauty of this Frenchwoman

5 secrets of the beauty of this Frenchwoman
French women are rightly considered the standard of style, chic and sexuality. Let's see what makes them so attractive.


Convenience and multifunctionality

French women prefer a minimalism in make-up. Moreover, they are also suitable for cosmetics from the position of multifunctionality. For example, they can use red lipstick at the same time and as a lip gloss.

Create your own fragrance

French women just love to mix scents. They create their own fragrance themselves with the help of a palette of essential oils. If you do not want to bother, you can play with a combination of odors of various waste products and spirits, for example, combining balm for the body and your favorite perfume.

Careful face care

To the choice of waste funds, French women are very serious, preferring to buy them in a pharmacy. Also 15-20 minutes per day, they certainly give face massage, this allows you to prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Double Cleansing

Cleanliness is the guarantee of health. French women do not allow themselves to doubt this truth and approach evening purification as follows: first they cleanse the face with micellar water, and then – with the help of special foam or mousse for washing.

Special attention to the neck and decollete

It is the neck and neckline that give the age, so the French women take care of this area even more carefully than the face. Before the daytime output, they use a cream with a high degree of SPF-protection, and at night apply a nourishing cream with a thick layer.

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