5 ideas of universal make-up for any type of face

5 ideas of universal make-up for any type of face
Sometimes it is very difficult to make a successful makeup, if you have an atypical face. Fortunately, there are types of makeup that suit everyone.

Hollywood chic goes to everyone without exception. Stock up with a set of false eyelashes to make the look more dramatic. To red lipstick looked appropriate and effective, properly work on the tone of the face: it should be perfect.

Стрелки всегда в моде. Они могут играть не только роль еле заметного акцента на глазах, но и могут стать центром всего макияжа. Нарисуйте театральные стрелки и выполните остальной макияж в розовых оттенках. Подобный контраст выглядит очень эффектно.

If you have an ideal shape of the lips, you can use a similar make-up to go out. Girls with light asymmetry of the lips should be careful, work for a start with a pencil to create an impeccable contour. Leave your eyes without make-up; The tone of the face should be flawless. Use the technique of contouring to create a distinct facial structure.

Strobing – the effect of a "wet" face – is very popular. To create a similar image, choose flickering textures of natural shades. Eyes emphasize using fluffy false eyelashes.

For those who can not live without "smoky eyes", but tired of black and brown flowers, the perfect choice will be "Smokey Ice" in burgundy tones. This make-up looks very impressive, and not everyone decides to do it, but it produces an amazing effect.

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