5 facts about men's perfumes

5 facts about men's perfumes
Men's perfumes are a special world of fragrances, in which there are still many stereotypes and prejudices. Despite the fact that the smell of the usual cologne for many becomes one for life, today it is possible to choose each member of the stronger sex for their unique flavor. The assortment of men's perfumes in our time is not inferior to the quantity and quality of women's perfumes.

So, let's take a closer look at interesting facts about modern men's perfumes in more detail.

Not for commerce

The first fact is that niche perfumes still do not recognize men's perfumes. This paradox has not been able to break until now. And although on commercial perfumery there is rarely an indication of the gender of the product, not infrequently the vial itself acts as a pointer to it. Commercial perfumery gradually refuses to explicitly indicate gender, and gender can only be distinguished by the color scheme or the form of the bottle. Many flavors are universal, for both men and women.

Experts in this aspect see a departure from old dogmas and a direct connection with the freedom of the modern world, where there are no restrictions and conventions.

Men's perfume is not present

The second interesting aspect is that there is no male flavor at all. This audacious statement is a way out of the fact that in its time, just some one hundred years ago, there was no gender division in perfumery in principle. For example, even at the end of 19 century, ladies and gentlemen used the same perfumes. A striking example of this fact is the usual cologne, which at that time was only a hygienic means and was rarely used inside.

It is important to note that the producers of perfumes constantly emphasize that there are no exclusively male or exclusively female fragrances. The world celebrity and the founder of the well-known brand Serge Lutans always directly states this: "When you come to a restaurant, do not ask for a male or female menu."

Other legends of the world of perfumery support this and call the gender division of fragrances no more than the evil machinations of marketers. Because perfumers create unique flavors, without attaching importance to whom it will belong, is exactly the same as the culinary expert does about it, creating his delights.

Women like men's perfumes

Coming from this, let's move on to the third fact – male spirits are to women's taste. As a rule, "originally male fragrances" are fougere compositions that combine the notes of lavender, bergamot, oak moss and coumarin. Such a chord, as it is called in the environment of professional perfumers, was created at the end of the 19-th century. And since that time it has been noticed that he enjoys success not only in the strong, but also in the fair sex. And the famous flavor of Jicky Guerlain, which was also supposed to be used by men, ladies simply adored.

Certainly, spirits can be quite "masculine", especially if you remember the legacy of the 80-ies of the last century with his love for aggressive flavors, filled with wormwood, tobacco and leather notes, but not infrequently even such brutal scents sound beautiful for women.

Men's perfumes can be "sweet"

Let's pass to the following interesting aspect, namely, that even in "gentleman's" flavors, sweet notes are not uncommon.

Here again it is necessary to emphasize that perfumers do not share their masterpieces, let alone ingredients on the principle "it's for girls, it's for boys." Because of this, men's perfumes can rarely sound sweet chords. For example, in a popular composition by Valentino Uomo, you can find a chocolate-nut cream with coffee beans, which give it a special shade and stamina. While Guerlain L'Homme Ideal is considered not just a fragrance of sweets, but a real ode to the confectionery art. The only thing that serves as an indicator of men's perfume is a strict bottle, but if you pour the contents into a tender pink bottle, it will immediately become a favorite fragrance of the girls.

A man wearing a floral fragrance

Finally, I would like to break the myth that men do not wear floral scents. This statement is a strong stereotype, which we got from our ancestors. But in reality, men are no less than girls prefer pleasant floral scents. For example, rose water for centuries has been considered a universal perfume. In addition, even in the middle of the 20 century, the fragrance of the rose was considered a favorite male fragrance, until marketers made it a symbol of femininity.

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