5 beauty secrets from Nicole Kidman

5 beauty secrets from Nicole Kidman
Redheaded Hollywood star, model and actress Nicole Kidman in her 45 years looks like a young girl. She does not follow a diet and is not engaged in the gym. But with the help of their own secrets of beauty remains in perfect shape.

You will need
  • – means for skin care;
  • – Autosunburn;
  • – Champagne or cranberry juice;
  • – high-quality food;
  • – water;
  • – lip gloss;
  • – blush;
  • – Eyeliner;
  • – Shadows.
Nicole Kidman is confident that youth directly depends on skin color. She denies tanning in any of its manifestations, but makes an exception for self-tanning creams. The movie star was born in Hawaii, in one of the sunniest places on the planet, and knows, what рак кожи, не понаслышке. Актриса полагает, что средства, содержащие солнцезащитные фильтры SPF, стоит использовать ежедневно, даже зимой. Дважды в неделю пользуйтесь скрабом для лица, от темных кругов под глазами поможет массаж, а для рук стоит использовать увлажняющий антивозрастной крем. Ухаживайте за зоной декольте, ее тоже необходимо увлажнять.

Употребляйте как можно больше чистой воды, запишитесь в бассейн. Ежедневное плавание в течение 30 минут поможет оставаться в тонусе долгое время.

Apply 1 / 2 cups of natural cranberry juice to your hair after washing your head and wait 5-8 hours. Wash off. If the color of your hair is light, you can replace the juice with champagne.

Maintain your weight with natural products. Enemies of health and beauty are pesticides. Do not include fatty foods in the diet. Meet with farmers, villagers and villages, agree that you will buy meat and vegetables from them.

Use a minimum of makeup. Enough pick out cheekbones with the help of blush, make a clear bend of the eyebrows, apply golden shadows to make the face look brighter. Lip contour underlined with a pencil, apply a shine of a light shade. This will create the effect of moist lips.

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