5 beauty mistakes and how to fix them

5 beauty mistakes and how to fix them
Any woman, regardless of age and social status, wants to look attractive in any situation, but, unfortunately, we often make mistakes ourselves, for which we have to pay afterwards.

Of course, the best option is to avoid such errors, but what to do, if the error is made, time is sorely lacking, but you need to urgently bring yourself into an ideal form?

  • "Wrinkled" face

Lovers sleeping on the stomach on the stomach knows firsthand what this is. Of course, it's best not to correct the situation, but to accustom yourself to the correct posture during sleep, but if the result is disappointing, you need to revive the face by rinsing it with cool water and then wiping it with cold cucumber juice.

  • Yesterday's makeup

To go to bed with meykap on the face is one of the most terrible crimes against beauty. But if this happened, do not panic. To give the person a proper appearance, you need to use a special cosmetic remover and wash yourself with gel or foam. Before applying new makeup, the skin should be moistened with plenty of water.

  • Shattered Shadows

Again, it is better to prevent such a situation, having got the habit of painting your eyes before using the tonal basis. But in the case of a deeper de facto, you need to carefully remove shattered shadows with a cotton pad dipped in the make-up remover, and apply a light layer of proof-reader or powder to the cleared areas of the skin.

  • Often plucked eyebrows

Alas, this happens to many women quite often, but there is also a way out of the situation. To fill the spaces of plucked spaces, you can use a cosmetic pencil, drawing small strokes and a little shading them. Restore the bald patches and activate the growth of missing pansies will help regular use of castor or almond oil, which is best used before bedtime.

  • Chaos on the head

To go to bed with a wet head is an unforgivable mistake. Stiff, naughty hair is a sad sight, but the following will help to fix the situation. Before combing, the hair must be sprinkled with water, which will greatly facilitate their unraveling, and then lay them with a fixative. If there is no desire to resort to heavy stowage, you can simply create an effect of slight negligence by collecting hair in a creative beam and releasing a few dangling strands on the sides.

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