4 ways to improve hair condition

4 ways to improve hair condition
Every woman wants to have shiny and healthy hair, like in advertising shampoos. Following these recommendations, you will get rid of hair loss and achieve a luxurious shine of healthy hair.

Nutrition and vitamins

Hair health, mainly depends on the health of the body as a whole. Along with a good sleep, vitamins and proper nutrition are needed – this is the first thing on the way to hair preservation. Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) provides the production of red blood cells so that your body receives more oxygen. Add to your diet foods containing this vitamin: beef and veal liver, kidneys, egg yolk, fish (herring, salmon, sardines), seafood, greens (lettuce, spinach, green onions).
Green tea is also very useful. It contains antioxidants that help stop hair loss. It should be drunk daily for several weeks – only then you will see tangible changes. Believe me, this really works!

Comb combs

If you lose a palpable amount of hair when combing with brushes – use ridges with wide teeth. Comb combs do not do as much harm to hair as other combs. Do not forget also that wet hair should be gently combed.

Wash your hair properly

Proper washing plays a big role in hair loss. Most of them apply shampoo from the tube directly to the hair. And in vain! To properly wash your hair, first shampoo the shampoo in your hands and only after that apply the hair massaging movements.

Massage with oil

To avoid hair loss, oil massages are necessary. Instead of cosmetic hair oils use natural olive oil. Hair becomes smoother, shiny and strong and looks just fine.

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