4 the best anti-aging face mask

4 the best anti-aging face mask
Whatever age a woman has, she always wants to look young, beautiful and attractive. In this it will help rejuvenating face masks, which are easy to do at home.

To make the first anti-aging face mask, you will need 20 gram of peeled banana to knead to the state of gruel. The resulting mass is combined with 12 milliliters of milk. Mix everything as it should. Form a homogenous mixture, apply on face and hold for 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the mask from the skin surface with a tampon soaked in 20 milliliters of milk. This procedure is best done every day. The result will be noticeable when you make this anti-aging mask at least 20 times.

In a free bowl, combine 40 grams of flour with 20 milliliters of milk. Mix this mixture until it reaches the consistency of thick sour cream. Obtained by a rejuvenating mask, apply facial skin. Apply the milk-flour mass do not rinse until completely dry. As soon as this happens, remove the mask from your face, washing it off with warm water. This procedure contributes not only to the nutrition of the skin, but also to its tightening.

To prepare the next anti-aging mask, you need to combine in the bowl 20 milliliters of aloe juice, 20 milliliters of sunflower oil and 20 gram of any cream that is intended for the face. After mixing these components, you will get a homogeneous mass. Lightly heat it in a water bath, apply on face. After 10 minutes, rinse the mask applied to the skin with water at room temperature.

Mix 20 grams of cucumber gulped through a grater with 20 milliliters of sour cream and 20 grams of pureed blackcurrant berries. Lubricate the skin with a mass of these ingredients. After passing 20 minutes, remove the mask with a swab that has been previously moistened with a small amount of water. This mask has not only a rejuvenating, but also a tonic effect.

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