3 way of whitening nails

3 way of whitening nails
Ухоженные руки и ногти уже сами по себе являются украшением. Причем украшают они не только женщин, однако именно представительницы прекрасного пола, как правило, уделяют маникюру пристальное внимание. Желтизна ногтей является своеобразным вестником, предупреждая о том, что необходимо не просто делать маникюр, а заниматься собственным здоровьем.
Резкое пожелтение ногтевых пластин может являться следствием вирусных заболеваний, сахарного диабета, заболеваний сердечнососудистой или эндокринной системы. В этих случаях необходимо не отбеливать ногти, а проходить курс лечения, назначенный квалифицированным медиком. Также следует вспомнить о витаминах и разнообразить свой рацион.

Other causes of unhealthy color of nails can be smoking, low-quality varnishes and various household chemicals that fall directly on the nail plate. In this case, you can fight with yellowed nails alone or make an appointment for a bleaching procedure in a good beauty salon. There are special cosmetic products aimed specifically at clarifying the nails. For example, an instant effect has a whitening pencil. It is applied to the tips of the nails from the back side of them. Experts recommend that you carry out the procedure at night, in order to get the desired result in the morning. However, one of the most serious shortcomings of this method is that the pencil is quickly washed off, and the nails after that become only one tone lighter. In addition, with the help of a pencil, only the tips are lightened, and the color of the nail itself does not change.

Whitening varnish should be combined with other methods of bleaching, as it gives only a temporary effect.

В салонах для процедуры отбеливания используется специальный лак, профессиональные отбеливающие препараты и ванночки со специальным составом. Отбеливающий лак – максимально быстродействующее средство. Спустя всего несколько минут после его нанесения, ногти заметно светлеют и приобретают более аккуратный вид. К его помощи обычно прибегают перед важными мероприятиями.

Gradual lightening of nails has a much more beneficial effect on the health of nails and the beauty of manicure. Cosmeticians suggest using baths with essential oils and special clarifying powders, as well as a whitening cream.

If you go to beauty salons for some reason do not cause enthusiasm, you can cope with yellowed nails at home, using either special cosmetics or folk recipes.

For bleaching nails without leaving home, usually use lemon juice, soda, hydrogen peroxide and, oddly enough, toothpaste. Ingredients are mixed in various proportions and applied to the nails as a mask. After several similar procedures, the yellow coating will disappear. However, you should behave with these tools very carefully, as they irritate the skin and "eat" the protective enamel of the nail, if the mask is not washed off in time. In addition, after such procedures, should be applied to the hands of essential oils and nourishing creams.

However, no cosmetic means can replace natural processes, and therefore refuse bad habits, enter into the diet products containing calcium and vitamin C, use rubber gloves when cleaning and working with chemicals. Do not neglect the means to care for your hands and nails. All this will restore the nails healthy appearance, and women – peace and confidence in their own irresistibility.

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