3 procedures that help to preserve youthful skin

3 procedures that help to preserve youthful skin
К счастью, дамы никогда не утратят веру в то, что, применяя всевозможные средства, они смогут навсегда задержать процессы старения и остаться в образе двадцатилетней красотки.

It is worth noting that some beauticians really agree with this statement and do not see anything absurd in it. The reason for this is the availability of at least three methods of modern cosmetology, which can bring the appearance of women closer to the desired result.

  • First, botox. Although everyone has heard about the use of this substance, not many know how it works. The fact is that a few days after the direct entry into the body, botulinum toxin begins to actively relax those muscles in which it was injected. In other words, the mimicry of the lady may slow down for a while and seem to be frozen, however, in a week she will notice that after a smile on her face there are no deep wrinkles, but immediately disappear. This is due to the fact that the muscles do not work at full strength, which allows them not to strain even during active activities.
  • Secondly, the use of hyaluronic acid can also slow down some aging processes. The fact is that when applied to the skin, the substance gradually begins to be absorbed and its molecules can attract excess water. Due to this action, some wrinkles are filled and become less noticeable. In addition, a month after use, the girl may notice that the skin itself seemed to be pulled up and acquired a completely healthy color.
  • Well, one of the most popular procedures of our time is phototherapy. The fact is that during the penetration of light into the skin, various processes are activated in the woman's body. For example, active production of collagen and elastin begins. These substances help the beautiful person look younger and fresh.

Of course, some girls experience an individual intolerance to one or another procedure. However, most of all of the above can be applied to most beautiful ladies. But on the urgent recommendation of specialists, before going to a cosmetologist it is better to visit a dermatologist, who will answer all the questions of inquisitive beauties.

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