15 myths about beauty

15 myths about beauty
People's quest for excellence is a natural necessity. It is wonderful and wonderful if you want to be irresistible and like others. But recently a lot of myths about female beauty have scattered. Let's understand once and for all which of them are true, and which ones are false.

Myth 1: Only black mascara makes the eyes expressive.

The truth is not true. Many stylists and makeup artists recommend using black ink only brown-eyed brunettes. If you have green eyes, paint with brown mascara, if blue – gray.

Миф 2: Пудра не нужна, если пользоваться тональным кремом.

Truth and untruth. Powder fixes makeup for the whole day. But you can also do without a foundation, just apply powder, or vice versa.

Myth 3: Bronze powders and lotions are active only in the summer.

Not true. Just in winter, do not use bronzers as a universal remedy, covering them all face, as you did in the summer.

Миф 4: Любой корректор может замаскировать круги под глазами.

Not true. To mask pimples and dark circles, you need funds of different shades. Under the eyes – yellow, and for pimples – beige.

Myth 5: Blush should be darker than skin color.

True. But they should give the person a gentle glow, but not a sharp contrast with the color of the skin.

Myth 6: In the evening need shadows with mother of pearl.

Правда. Перламутр и блески в два счета превратят любой макияж в праздничный. Но не стоит забывать, что блестящая косметика подчеркивает покраснения кожи.

Миф 7: Нельзя расчесывать мокрые волосы.

Not true. Just discard the combs and combs with steel teeth. Wet hair is really easy to break, so comb them slowly and gently.

Myth 8: Frequent hair washing makes them dry and brittle.

Not true. Much more hair is injured if washed too seldom. You can wash your hair every day – just buy a shampoo for frequent use.

Миф 9: Зимой можно пить меньше воды.

Not true. The need for an organism in water depends not on the time of the year, but on the circumstances.

Myth 10: The skin of the lips will become soft if you massage with a toothbrush.

Not true. A toothbrush can injure the delicate and dry skin of the lips. Better use the balm – the lips will become softer.

Myth 11: Charging the face slows the appearance of wrinkles.

True, not true. Be that as it may, the best antidote for the first wrinkles is special cosmetic products.

Myth 12: Apply the cream after the skin has dried.

Not true. On the contrary, when the skin is steamed, the pores are opened – it's time to feed it with useful substances.

Myth 13: After shaving, the hair grows dark and stiff.

Not true. Just growing after shaving hairs look darker and sting. Go to the wax epilation – after each procedure the hair will become thinner and softer.

Myth 14: After sleep, you can awaken the skin with cold water.

Not true. Regular washing with too cold or too hot water – a big load for the vessels, they can greatly expand, causing the skin to turn red.

Myth 15: In winter, the hair becomes darker.

Not true. Hair does not change color in the winter, simply because of overcast lighting they look dull. If you want to avoid this, color your hair in a brighter or brighter tone.

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