11 useful tips for hair care

11 useful tips for hair care
To be irresistible, take in your piggy bank these 11 tricks!


  • Refrain from daily washing your head. Paradox, but the more often you wash your head, it soon becomes again dirty. The fact is that washing thoroughly hardens the skin of the head, and the body begins to produce more fat to compensate for this.
  • By the way, with oily scalp, do not apply conditioner to the roots!
  • If on the contrary, your nightmare – dandruff and dry scalp, then rub it with oil.
  • Salvation from dull and brittle hair is an avocado mask. Apply the flesh of the fruit for the entire length of the hair and wrap it with a food film, and then with a towel. Leave it for 40 minutes.
  • How easy is it to cut the split ends yourself? Just twist a strand of hair into the tourniquet and sieve all the hairs that break out!
  • Dry shampoo will perfectly replace talcum powder or baby powder.
  • Another trick about dry shampoo: put it on your hair before going to bed, not in the morning. So the hair will be more voluminous.
  • Antistatic wipes are suitable not only for wiping TV screens, but also for stacking electrified hair.
  • And still comb the naughty mane when laying a hairbrush sprinkled with hair spray. Just comb her hair after you dry your hair with a hairdryer.
  • Scarlet hair in pigtails and priyodis irons. Then dismiss the braids – and the neat curls that will stay until the evening are ready!
  • And also remember that to get persistent curls you should curl only completely dried hair.
  • So that hairpins and ignoramuses do not slip through your hair, spoiling your hair, sprinkle them with varnish.


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