10 trifles that age women

10 trifles that age women
Any woman wants to preserve beauty and youth as long as possible. There is no better compliment than to say no longer quite a young lady, that she looks much younger than her age.

What are the main features of appearance have an unpleasant property to give a true age or even add a year?

1. Gray hair. Associations with сединой most people are very specific – this is one of the main signs old age. А ведь первые седые волоски могут появляться даже у двадцатилетних созданий. Какая уж тут old age!! Early gray hair is usually genetically conditioned and it is difficult to do anything about it. It happens that health problems contribute to early graying. The only way out is to paint your hair.

2. Flabby skin and wrinkles on the neck. Many women forget to take care of this part of their body just as carefully, as well as the face. And the neck skin is very tender and fades quickly, so making a face mask or lubricating the skin with a cream for the night, be sure to include in your program and your neck.

3. Arms. One of the critical zones that issue age. Rescue will be intensive permanent care, peelings and masks, as well as gloves. As soon as it gets cool in the street, hands must always be protected with gloves, and at home in the process of household affairs always use rubber gloves.

4. Clothes picked up wrong. It can immediately visually add a dozen extra years. Avoid the gloomy tones and styles that were in vogue even in the days of your adolescence.

5. «Бабушкин» scent of perfume. The smell creates a certain image and there are fragrances that really make you think about the advanced years of their possessor. If you doubt whether your new perfume does not have such an insidious quality, it's better to firmly refuse to use them.

6. Wrinkles. They are easier to prevent, so try not to allow the appearance of facial wrinkles from youth. Do not abuse sunburn, use high quality cosmetics for cosmetics, do not ignore masks, whey. If the problem becomes urgent, ask for services in the salon, now there are many rejuvenating techniques.

7. Чрезмерный загар. Кроме негативного влияния на состояние кожи и ускорение ее старения, шоколадный тон делает грубее черты лица и прибавляет несколько лишних лет.

8. Inept or too full of makeup. Bright shadows and eyeliner, too impressive layer of carcass, especially on the lower eyelashes, emphasize wrinkles near the eyes and create a tired and elderly appearance.

9. Потухший взгляд. Ничто так не молодит женщину, как сияющие глаза. А вот уставший взор сразу прибавляет несколько лет.

10. Cellulite and flabbiness of the body. Cellulite now happens and at absolutely young girls, but this should not be an excuse. Loss of elasticity and smoothness of the body should be sought to prevent a comprehensive approach: fitness, massages, wraps and, of course, proper nutrition.

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