Что такое радиолифтинг

Что такое радиолифтинг
Radiolifting is a unique procedure that can improve the appearance and health of the skin. With regular sessions, even deep wrinkles are smoothed out. The cost of radiolifting is kept at a high level, but the effect is worth it.

Radiolifting is carried out using a device that generates heat. The wave penetrates into the surface layers of the epithelial tissue, which leads to a thermal effect. It should be noted immediately that burns do not occur, even if the patient has sensitive skin.

During the procedure, the synthesis of fibroblasts is activated, the production of collagen and elastin is significantly increased, which gives the skin tone. Radiolifting is an alternative to plastic surgery, as the effect persists for a long time.

The procedure is completely painless, so when it is carried out do not use anesthesia. Immediately after visiting the cosmetology room, you can return to the usual life – the skin will not have redness, edema, or scarring. The rehabilitation period is completely absent, which is important for modern women.

With the help of radiolift you can completely get rid of not only wrinkles, but also of other skin imperfections, for example, from scars, post acne and dilated pores. But still most often women resort to a procedure in order to hide the signs of aging.

The average treatment rate is 5-6 procedures. In some cases, the number of sessions increases – the specialist is guided by the general condition of the skin and the results achieved. Usually the effect persists for 5-6 years, but some women note that wrinkles appear only after 8 years.

There are practically no contraindications, but it is better to make a visit to a dermatologist first. Also there are no seasonal indications – radiolifting can be carried out even in the summer when the sun is shining on the street.

If you want to bring the skin in complete order, pay attention to this procedure. The result should please you! The main thing is to choose a cosmetology room with a good reputation and modern equipment.

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