Уход за волосами летом: инструкция по применению

Уход за волосами летом: инструкция по применению
Отдохнуть под жарким солнцем без вреда для здоровья волос? Это возможно, если начать подготовку к отпуску заранее. Правильный уход за волосами летом — вот о чем стоит знать каждой девушке.

In the courtyard, summer, and therefore – the very height of holidays. Everyone chooses a place to rest for themselves, but still most of the women in Russia, hungry for the hot sun, are striving for the seaside. And there … it turns out that the sun, air and water are friends only for the body and overall well-being. But hair that is not ready for stress in the form of salt and sunlight, it is hard. You can, of course, tolerate, tie the hair in a knot and forget about them until the end of the holiday, but afterwards – run away to the beauty salon, save what remains. But it is better to take care of beauty and hair protection beforehand and to study means for hair care.


How does sea salt work with hair? Opening the cuticle, the salt water washes away all the useful components with which the hair was nourished over many years. Especially, if after bathing in the sea it was not possible to rinse hair with running water. In this case, the high temperature of sunlight, which roasts salted hair, triggers an irreversible reaction – the hair becomes dry and brittle after the first day of stay at sea.

Мастера-парикмахеры настаивают: за пару недель до отпуска необходимо сходить в салон красоты, чтобы привести волосы в порядок, подготовить их к стрессу, защитить от агрессивного внешнего воздействия. BotoHair от бразильского бренда INOAR– that's what modern women of fashion choose as a hair care in the summer. It's clear that the Brazilians with their climate know how to take care of their hair so that they do not suffer from the scorching sun. Therefore, Russians who plan to travel to the south should pay attention to this procedure.

Как ухаживать за волосами летом? Сделать коллагеновое восстановление

The complex BotoHair has in its composition collagen, keratin, argan and macadamia oils, soybean, wheat and silk proteins. The procedure itself is called "hair rejuvenation". Because dry, porous, dull hair suddenly becomes shiny, smoothed, strong and healthy. Stacking after it takes a few minutes. At the same time, the volume at the roots is preserved, this effect, by the way, is not present after other rectifying procedures.

Why is it worth doing BotoHair before going on vacation at sea? Salt acts on the hair after BotoHair in the same way as the rest. That is, trying to open the hair scales and wash the useful components. But, protected composition of BotoHair, the hair is covered with an invisible eye with a film, and the salt does not have such destructive effects on them. Painful laying also do not have to – enough to dry your hair with a hairdryer to be more beautiful in the evening.

Five steps to perfect hair

No matter how much you want to prepare your hair for summer at home, BotoHair can not do it on its own. Address to professionals. Just five steps, and your hair will be completely ready for vacation.

Step 1.The hairdresser will thoroughly wash your hair with BotoHair Deep Cleansing cleansing shampoo. Then it will be dried by a hair dryer.

Step 2.The master will mix the collagen complex and the reconstructor. After that, this composition will be applied to the hair starting from the occipital zone.

Step 3.Затем — 15 минутный перерыв, клиент должен посидеть с составом. После него мастер полностью высушит ваши волосы, не смывая состав BotoHair.

Step 4.Dry hair master pulls iron, as usual, starting from the back of the head. After that, again – break to allow the hair to cool.

Step 5.The composition is washed off without using a shampoo. Hair is dried and stacked.

Home hair careIn the summer after the procedure BotoHair assumes the use of shampoos and conditioners from the line of home remedies from the INOAR brand. With them, the effect will last longer. Even on the seashore.

Well, in order to be fully armed during the holidays, experts recommend taking with them a thermal protection for the hair. For example, with argan oil – Argan Oil Thermoliss. This indelible means keeps on the hair all day, and retains its protective properties even after bathing in salt water.