Средства для загара: обзор популярных продуктов

Средства для загара: обзор популярных продуктов
Currently, there are a lot of tanning agents. Expensive and not very, but it's difficult to choose. To make it easier for you to choose, we made an overview of the products for sunburn.

Водостойкий спрэй для загара Sun Power SPF 15 от Michel Laboratory. Из-за невысокой солнечной защиты его необходимо наносить на кожу каждые 2 часа пребывания на солнце. Текстура легкая, не слишком жирная. В составе натуральные антиоксиданты и растительный комплекс из пшеницы, что способствует более надежной защите и придает мягкость коже. Цена: 200 рублей. Оценка: ***

Sunflower oil Supertanning Dry Oil from Collistar. Remarkably suitable for use since the middle of summer, since it does not contain SPF, or for skin not prone to burning. The oil has no smell, a pleasant texture, it is easily absorbed. Do not require repeated application after bathing in water. Promotes a faster and more even tan. The skin acquires a golden hue. Price: 900 rubles. Rating: ****

Suntan oil Clarins Spray Solaire SPF 30. Designed to give the skin a beautiful golden tan. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Do not rinse after bathing. A good sunscreen factor, therefore suitable for use since the beginning of summer. Price: 900 rubles. Rating: *****

Sisley cream after tanning Super Soin Apres-Soleil. Soothes, nourishes and moisturizes the skin after sunbathing. Enhances the result after sunbathing. Great for sun-burnt skin. Contains extract of shea butter, stevia leaves and vegetable glycerin, which promotes the healing of damaged skin. The texture is light, quickly absorbed. Price: 5 300 rubles. Rating: *****

Bioderma photoderm max spray SPF 50. Very strong protection, thanks to which you can be in the sun until 8 hours. Light texture, does not form a film. Prevents the appearance of age spots. Contains herbal extracts. It is recommended to apply every 2 hour. Price: 2 000 rubles. Rating: ****

Oil-spray Nivea with SPF 2. It is recommended to apply on swarthy skin or from the middle of summer. Spray slightly zhirnovat. Contains jojoba oil and moisturizes the skin. Resistant to flushing. Price: 320 rubles. Rating: ***

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