Список инструментов и косметических средств для маникюра

Список инструментов и косметических средств для маникюра
Manicure for any girl is an occasion to show the beauty of her hands and well-groomed nails, and at the same time, the reason to dream up, create something new and unusual on her nails. For all this, young ladies buy gel varnishes, sets for stamping, spend hours learning to draw on their nails flowers or geometric shapes.
But only varnishes or paints for nails a little. We also need a base in the form of tools for the treatment of nails and cuticles. What does it include?

To start – nail file. It can be any – wooden, ceramic or made of glass. Someone uses and nail files from iron, but they do not affect the nail plate badly. Soft nail files from the paper grind the surface of the nails, and more rigid – file nails until the desired shape.

Still need a set of sticks to move the cuticle. Most Popular sticks of orange tree. With their help, you can easily cope with the overgrown skin around the nail, without traumatizing it. A thin and sharp end of the wand can also draw individual details of the drawings.

Чтобы не появлялось заусенцев, стоит подумать о покупке Cuticle pusher. Он, как правило, имеет две части – одну в форме лопатки, другую в форме топорика. Первой удобно отодвигать кутикулу, а второй – очищать ногти и ногтевое ложе от грязи.

Of course, we need good scissors for cutting out broken nails or adjusting their shape.

Это обязательные инструменты для создания качественного маникюра. За ними нужен хороший уход: после каждой маникюрной процедуры ножницы и пушер надо мыть и протирать салфетками.

Another is to buy a good drug in the store in order to soften the cuticle before removing it. It is called remover and is often used both in a careless manicure, and in the hardware.

And for creativity you can buy various stencilsto draw on nails, stickers, paints and brushes. To save a manicure for a long time will be needed fixers and UV lamp, если вы делаете маникюр с гель-лаками. Чтобы научиться выполнять рисунки на ногтевых пластинах, изучайте модные тенденции и практикуйтесь.

Хорошие инструменты и средства для проведения любого вида маникюра – залог здоровья и красоты ногтей.

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