Рецепты обертываний для похудения живота в домашних условиях

Рецепты обертываний для похудения живота в домашних условиях
Wrapping procedures are very popular among the fair sex: they give the skin tone, tighten the contours of the body and reduce the volume by a couple of centimeters. The wrap can help in the problem of flabby and drooping belly. The main thing is that the procedures should be carried out in courses on 10-15 sessions.

Acetic Wrapping

Due to the fact that vinegar quickly evaporates and cools the skin, the body is forced to spend additional energy on heating and maintaining the surface temperature of the body. And he draws this energy, splitting the fats that are in the subcutaneous layer.

At the beginning of the procedure, massage with a massage brush or mitt, then mix the vinegar with water in the proportion of 1: 1. In the resulting solution, moisten a small sheet, which wraps the stomach. Over the sheets, wrap several layers of food film. Such wrapping can be kept on the skin from one to several hours.


Coffee wrapping

Молотый кофе или испитую кофейную гущу смешайте с теплой водой до состояния пасты, которую нанесите на живот. Сверху обмотайте намазанную область пищевой пленкой и лягте под теплое одеяло на один час. Кофейное обертывание можно усилить, добавив к нему эфирные масла, мед или отвары трав.


Clay wrapping

Clay is very effective in combating cellulite and reducing body volume, and it absorbs slag, improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes, eliminates excess fluid. To prepare the wrap, mix the clay (blue or white) with water to the state of thick sour cream, put the mixture on the stomach and wrap it with food film. This wrap can be kept on the skin for several hours.


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