Причины огрубевшей кожи на пятках

Причины огрубевшей кожи на пятках
The causes of the appearance of coarse skin on the heels are many. It is important to understand in time what could cause dry skin. In this case, it will be easier to deal with such a problem.

Важным моментом при уходе за собой является уход за ногами. У каждого третьего человека возникает такая проблема, как огрубевшая кожа на пятках. Такая проблема несет за собой много последствий.

Causes of rough skin

Появление огрубевшей кожи на пятках бывает по разным причинам. Основные факторы:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Metabolic disease.
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  4. Avitaminosis.
  5. Hormonal disbalance.
  6. Fungal diseases.
  7. Не подходящая обувь.

Corn on the feet occurs when wearing tight shoes, and if it is made of poor quality material. Most often, callus occurs when wearing new shoes. Appears painful bladder, inside of which there is liquid. When the fluid flows out, a coarsened area will begin to form. If you do not take any measures, the corn will dry and turn into a layer of dead skin.

Natoptysh also refers to a variety of calluses on the heels, which occurs when wearing tight shoes. Even daily procedures to remove such a problem can not lead to a good result. It remains only to change shoes. Recently appeared callus must be treated with hydrogen peroxide.

It is important to protect the bursted corn from getting bacteria. It is necessary to apply an antiseptic, and on top to stick a bactericidal adhesive plaster. It is not recommended to visit swimming pools and baths before the wound heals completely.

It is necessary to follow the heels all year round, and not just in the summer. Do not wait until the skin on the heels becomes rough.

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