Отзывы о пивной маске для волос

Отзывы о пивной маске для волос
Beer mask for hair is prepared according to different recipes, but with the main component – beer. The yeast and malt contained in it favorably influence the structure of the hair, strengthening them, giving them shine and strength. Reviews about beer masks for hair, for the most part, are positive. Some dissatisfied with the result either violated the recipe, or simply could not find the right home mask based on beer.

Picking up a beer mask for hair, you need to pay attention to what other ingredients in it enter. Some are focused on dry hair type, and some – on bold or normal.

Beer mask for accelerated hair growth, oriented to dry and normal type, has received many positive reviews, it consists of several ingredients: honey, egg white, olive oil and dark beer. It is necessary to mix one protein, a spoonful of oil, a glass of dark warm beer and a spoonful of honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair from the roots. Applying it is recommended to lubricate the roots with a sponge, then distribute along the entire length, warm the head with a pack and a towel. Keep the mask should not more than an hour. It is washed off with running water.

The effect of the mask: the hair gets volume, grows 2,5 times faster, becomes smooth and obedient. You can apply to dirty and clean hair, but not more often than 2-3 times a week.

Beer mask to give hair a thick and shine, which is also fond of many girls and women, consists of two ingredients: rye bread and dark beer. 200 g bread soaked in beer (0,5 l) for 1,5-2 hours. After that, the soaked bread is thoroughly stirred, applied to the roots of the hair. After that, warm it with a towel. After an hour and a half you can wash it off. To give hair extra shine and softness, they can be rinsed with a solution of table vinegar apple cider vinegar.

Маску наносят только на чистые волосы, не чаще, чем один раз в неделю. Подходит эта пивная маска для любого типа и цвета волос.

Great popularity and grateful reviews were reminiscent of the restoring mask based on beer and yogurt. It is necessary to mix half the glass of both beverages. Then apply the mixture on the roots of the hair and along the entire length. To make the effect go faster, you need to warm your head with a pack and a towel. After 20-30 minutes, you need to wash off the mask.

Effect: dry and brittle hair becomes shiny and strong. It is recommended only for weakened hair, as normal and healthy become fatter.

А вот негативные reviews идут на пивные маски для волос, где в составе присутствует банан. Во-первых, он, если верить отзывам, очень плохо вымывается из волос. Во-вторых, при долгом держании таких масок волосы приобретают странный и неприятный аромат, который тяжело удаляется.

In addition to using masks based on beer, cosmetologists and hairdressers advise to rinse the hair with this drink after washing. First, beer gives the hair softness, they are easier to comb. Secondly, many note that the hair becomes shiny and smooth, and the most intricate curls easier to straighten. Beer is certainly used in dark varieties, because it has more beer yeast and malt, which have a beneficial effect on the hair, without changing their color (which is important for blonde girls).

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