Особенности фенов с ионизацией

Особенности фенов с ионизацией
Ionisation hairdryers are used mainly in hairdressing salons, but more often people buy them for home use. The fact is that such products are much more useful for hair and help to simplify the laying process.

How it works hairdryers with ionization

The principle of hairdryers with ionization is based on the use of negatively charged ions, splitting water molecules and attracting them. At the same time, the hairs quickly become saturated with moisture, while the excess liquid evaporates from their surface. If traditional hair dryers dry hair with hot air, adversely affecting their structure, then models with ionization, on the contrary, combine the drying and moistening process, make it gentle, harmless to strands.

Due to the short-term exposure to heat and the special operating principle of hair dryers with ionization, it is possible to avoid the unpleasant effect of electrified hair. Negatively charged ions help to remove static electricity and avoid its appearance in the future, and therefore contribute to the improvement of the condition of the strands and help to make a beautiful styling.

What are the advantages of ion-exchange hair dryers

The main advantage of such products is that they do not harm the hair. On the contrary, saturating every hair with moisture and smoothing "scales", hair dryers with ionization contribute to the improvement of the appearance of the strands. In the process of using them, the hair structure is gradually restored, and the damage to the follicles is minimized. The result is beautiful, soft, shiny and healthy curls. Of course, after the first use it is difficult to achieve a noticeable result, but if you replace the conventional hair dryer with a model with ionization, after a while you can note improvements.

Negatively charged ions crush the water molecules, and this allows you to reduce the drying time of hair. Such an advantage will be to the taste of people who often make a styling with a hair dryer and do not want to spend too much time on this procedure. Styling is also much simpler: it's easy and quick to make a beautiful hairstyle with such a device even owners of unruly hair can.

Hairdryers with ionization do not overdry the hair, do not make them brittle and weak. Due to the use of such devices, the risk of split ends can be minimized. In this case, since such devices do not cause strands of harm, unlike ordinary hair dryers, they can be used at least every day, without fear of ruining the curls.

Among the features of hair dryers with ionization, you can mention a relatively high price, but if you are willing to pay extra for the beauty and health of your hair, this will not be an obstacle for you.

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