Масло от морщин под глазами

Масло от морщин под глазами
Care for a woman's face includes combating wrinkles – premature or age-old, not yet appeared or already available. In the first place, wrinkles appear on the lower eyelids. The usual eye cream gives only a temporary effect from the "crow's feet", and home cosmetics based on natural vegetable and essential oils can create a miracle. A shop eye cream often contains components of animal origin that give a quick effect. But with a change in the product, wrinkles can appear again and the face will look even worse than before applying the product. Therefore, in the early stages of the formation of "crow's feet" it is recommended to use vegetable and essential oils.

Vegetable oils and esters are not addictive, but can provoke an allergy. Therefore, before using them, a test should be carried out.

Natural high-quality oil (not a synthetic analog) can completely save you from facial wrinkles. Age wrinkles, it will make less visible, and also prevent them from further deepening.

By incorporating a mixture of oils in facial care, you can easily maintain the water balance of the skin, increase its barrier functions and suspend the process of loss of elasticity.

A mixture of vegetable oils with esters can be used not only to smooth out "crow's feet", but also to combat wrinkles on the forehead and around the lips. Oils can temporarily replace the eye cream or apply them in tandem with store moisturizers.

Не стоит капать эфирные масла в готовый крем – эфиры глубоко проникают в кровь, проталкивая в глубинные слои кожи все компоненты средства, в том числе, не слишком полезные.

Для легкой смеси возьмите в равных долях масло шиповника и кунжутное масло. Такой состав актуален при уже намечающихся «гусиных лапках», а также для их предупреждения.

For a mixture of deep action you will need: jojoba oil, avocado and wheat germ – according to 15 ml. In the resulting composition, add essential oil of rosewood (4 drops) and incense oil (3 drops) or 7 drops of one ether.

The next mixture of wrinkles under the eyes is prepared from peach oil (30 ml) and two ethers – lemon (2 drops) and ylang-ylang (3 drops). This recipe should be used for eyelid skin with caution, checking the reaction one day before applying to the elbow bend. In the absence of allergies, you need to apply the mixture on the malar bone, without approaching the eyes.

Deep wrinkles in the corners of the eyes can be smoothed out with the following mixture. Melt 15 g of cocoa butter on a water bath. Combine the substance with sea-buckthorn oil (10 ml) and tocopherol oil solution (5 drops). Stir thoroughly. Then pour in a mixture of 15 ml of rose water. Once again stir and apply only on the "crow's feet" away from the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Any mixture of oils should be stored in a dark dry cool place, pouring it into a glass container.

All mixtures are used locally, that is, applied directly to wrinkles. Substance is hammered by pads of fingers on the malar bone from the outer corner of the eye to the inside. It is better to spend the procedure at night. Although with deep wrinkles, you can repeat the action 1-2 times throughout the day.

After applying the oil, wait 15-20 minutes, and then remove the excess with a napkin made from rice paper. The course of getting rid of wrinkles can take from several weeks to several months.

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