Макияж для увеличения глаз

Макияж для увеличения глаз
Small eyes are not a disadvantage. You just need to be able to present them. There are many ways to increase the eyes with cosmetics. Select enough time for your makeup to have a chance to experiment. Shadows are really a magic tool that transforms small eyes into expressive and large. To increase the eyes you will need shadows of different tones: light, dark and shimmering. Under the eyebrow, apply a light tint. On the upper eyelid, also apply light shadows and thoroughly shade. Put a dark shade on the outer corner of the eye.

To visually open your eyes, take a white pencil and draw a line along the inner side of the lower eyelid. The secret of this line is that it merges with the eye protein. To indicate the lower eyelid, you can use white or pearly shadows. With the help of such cunning eyes become wider and acquire a lively shine.

Choose a color range of shadows so that it harmoniously harmonizes with the color of eyes, skin and hair.

To increase the eyes, it is important to emphasize light corners of the inner corner of the eye in both the upper and lower eyelids. If you have close-set eyes, this technique will remove them from each other. When using a pencil instead of shadows, apply a few white dots to the inner corner of the eye, and then shade them with a brush.

Owners of narrow eyes often puzzle over how to dye their eyes, so that they appear wider. A beautiful line of liner will help. On the upper eyelid, draw a line, a little back from the edge of the eyelashes. Do the same on the lower eyelid. After that, lightly shade the line and apply shadows. Use the transient tone of the shadows: not too light, but not dark. Apply a thin layer of shade to avoid overshadowing the eyeliner.

Чтобы сделать ресницы густыми, пользуйтесь двумя видами туши: удлиняющей и объемной. Первый слой наносите удлиняющей тушью, а потом используйте средство для придания объема.

With deep-set eyes, you need to visually increase them and bring them closer to each other. Use the shadows of pastel and sunny shades. Blick put under the eyebrow: this will give the eyes expressiveness. Then light tone apply to the entire mobile eyelid. Apply a dark tone to only half of the eye. Repeat the same for the lower eyelash line.

As for mascara, she too can become a true ally in the course of visual eye enlargement. Your task is to make the lashes lush and bulky. However, do not apply too many layers of carcass. From this eyelashes will certainly stick together. It is very important to carefully paint the roots of the eyelashes: this determines their fluffiness. First apply one coat and wait until it dries. After that, brush the eyelashes again. Pay special attention to the outer corner of the eye. Here, place the brush vertically and try to lengthen the eyelashes. If you have false eyelashes, glue several beams on the outer corner: the eyes will increase automatically.

The eyelashes bent upwards also visually increase the eyes. Therefore, before applying the mascara, use special tweezers, which give the eyelashes a puppet bend.

The final touch in eye makeup is giving the eyebrows a beautiful shape. Pull out excess hairs with tweezers. Make the eyebrows thin and neat. To do this, draw them in a contour pencil. If the eyebrows are too wide, they will draw attention to themselves. And with small eyes this is not permissible.

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