Летние маски для здоровья и красоты волос

Летние маски для здоровья и красоты волос
The richness of vitamins and minerals contained in berries, fruits and vegetables is incomparable. Especially beneficial is their influence during their natural maturation. If you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, use berries, fruits and vegetables to make hair masks at home.

Mask from a green onion
Everyone knows how to heal a hair bow. Onions strengthen the roots of hair and accelerate their growth, but very few people use onion masks because of their terrible smell. Replace the onion with green. Vitamins in it no less, and the green onions smell much weaker and more green than onions. Use only green feathers for the mask. Crush a few green feathers on the mush so that he lets the juice out. Rub the gruel into the roots of the hair, wrap the head with a plastic bag, and on top of it with a terry towel. After an hour, wash off the mask and wash your head with shampoo. The mask is suitable for all types of hair.

Маска из ягод
In the summer, oily hair becomes even fatter, so it should be done once or twice a week for oily hair mask of sour berries. Crush a few berries of ripe strawberries and a handful of black currant (you can be immature). Add to the berry mass 1 art. Spoon acidic sour cream or curdled milk and mix. Apply the mixture to the scalp and the radical part of the hair. Put a shower cap on your head. After 20 minutes, rinse, and wash your head with shampoo. The mask very nicely removes excess fatty hair. But for light hair, it should be used with caution: if the currant is ripe, they can color.

Cucumber mask
Overdried by summer heat hair need additional moisturizing, so it is desirable to make a mask of fresh cucumbers once a week. One peeled cucumber, grate on a fine grater, add to it 1 a spoonful of honey and 1 st. Spoon vegetable oil, mix and apply on dry hair. Put on the shower cap or wrap the head with a plastic bag. After 30 minutes, rinse the mixture and wash the head with shampoo.
The mask not only moisturizes the hair well, but it makes them smooth and adds shine.

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