Красивые и здоровые волосы – полезные советы по уходу

Красивые и здоровые волосы - полезные советы по уходу
According to the results of psychological research, hair is one of the first parameters that we pay attention to when meeting a person. How to care for your hair? How to help them be strong, dense and beautiful?

Бережно относитесь к волосам и защищайте их от вредных факторов. Носите шапку в холодное время года. Защищайте волосы от непогоды и от прямых солнечных лучей. Старайтесь по минимуму использовать такие травмирующие процедуры, как химическая завивка, термобигуди, плойка, выпрямитель, утюжок для волос. В исключительных случаях, когда вы прибегаете к термопроцедурам, предварительно используйте специальное средство, защищающее волосы (например, пенки и спреи для укладки волос с термозащитой). Специалисты также рекомендуют не пользоваться феном, если же вы не можете исключить фен, то используйте сушку холодным воздухом (современные фены оснащены таким режимом).

Wash your hair properly. Water should be warm, even slightly cool. Use a shampoo and conditioner to rinse, which are suitable for your hair. Experts argue that shampoo is not enough, you must always use a conditioner to make your hair smooth and easy to comb. By the way, periodically for the beauty and health of hair instead of rinse or after it, try to use mineral water: rinse and do not rinse. It is also useful to rinse your hair with an infusion of oak bark (dark hair) or infusion of chamomile (light) and do not rinse. Try not to comb your hair immediately after washing – it can injure them.

Carefully choose hair accessories. Ideally, the comb should be natural (for example, from wood). Combing start with the tips. Please note that the hair bands should not be too narrow – the hair should be comfortable.

Regularly trim the tips of hair (once every few months) – this is a necessary procedure for hair care.

Eat correctly and regularly. For health of hair, cereals, legumes, sour-milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, juices are especially useful. Try to minimize sweets, flour, spicy and fried. Refuse from smoking and alcohol. Try to drink plenty of clean water every day (tea, coffee and juices are not considered!). Take a course of multivitamins – the doctor will help you choose the appropriate ones.

Procedures for hair. Try to pamper your hair with special masks, the recipes of which you can find on the Internet, based on the characteristics of your hair, or contact the hairdresser. For example, there is an excellent remedy for dry and split ends: before washing your hair, moisten the tips with olive oil, soak 10 minutes, then wash your head as usual. If you use this tool regularly for a certain time, the effect will please you.

Experts advise periodically to do a head massage – it's not only nice, but also very useful!

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