Как ухаживать за кожей в период 40-45 лет

Как ухаживать за кожей в период 40-45 лет
В каждый период времени кожа нуждается в особенном уходе, который должен быть подобран именно в соответствии с возрастом. Как же ухаживать за кожей, если вам за 40?

The processes that flow in the skin, so they have benefited in the past, now only harm. Traces of age appear more and more clearly, the oval gradually "flows down". The skin is thinner, because it can no longer retain moisture, as before. Microcirculation worsens, which can cause vascular sprouts.

Skin care

Thoroughly cleanse the skin. Choose a product containing acids in its composition, this will help not only to remove from the skin make-up and contamination, but also loosen the scarred scales. Be sure to use a tonic for the face. In summer, give preference to micellar water or products that contain green tea. Take note of the tonics with lactic acid.

After thorough cleansing, use serum. Look for B vitamins, they will help to cope with small wrinkles, and also restore hydrolysed film. Start to accustom your skin to products with retinol in the composition. Try to use them before bedtime at first twice a week, then three, etc., until you are able to switch to daily use. Abrupt transition to such products can trigger an allergy, so be careful with your face.

Use a scrub once a week. Give preference to creams that help restore and maintain the contour of the face.

Now is the time to try out hardware techniques, such as bipolar lifting, thermage, photorejuvenation, laser dermabrasion.

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