Как ухаживать за кожей в период 30-35 лет

Как ухаживать за кожей в период 30-35 лет
Wrinkles at this age become more pronounced, the skin turgor decreases. It also slows the blood and lymph flow, which can lead to morning swelling.

How to care

Be sure to rest your skin from cosmetics. Once a couple of weeks, thoroughly cleanse the skin and let it work independently, without the help of emulsions and creams.

By this age, it's time to decide which type of cleansing is most suitable for you. For example, if your skin is prone to dryness, use milk to clean it.

Вам не обязательно покупать крема раздельного назначения, например, отдельный для области век, отдельный для лица и отдельный для зоны декольте. Вы можете выбрать универсальный крем при условии, что он окажется достаточно качественным. Присмотритесь к продуктам японских брендов, они-то знают толк в сохранении молодости.

The texture of the remedy should also depend on the time of the year. In winter, choose more dense, and in summer – fluids and emulsions. All year round you need to remember about protection from sunlight: they are as harmful to your skin as smoking. Choose products with a high level of SPF.

Pay great attention to exfoliating your skin. Since all processes are slowed down, the skin can not independently cope with keratinized cells. Do a scrub twice a week and regularly visit a beautician for a chemical pilling procedure.

Now you are just at the age when you can think about injections of beauty, such as mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid. They help to nourish the skin. These procedures are especially necessary if you live in a state of stress. They will help maintain the beauty and immunity of the skin and will not allow harmful influences to strongly affect its appearance.

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