Как снять макияж в домашних условиях

Как снять макияж в домашних условиях
Существуют различные косметические средства для снятия макияжа. Они просты и удобны в использовании, но могут повредить кожу. Ниже приведены домашние способы, которые помогут быстро избавиться от макияжа, а также сделают кожу здоровой и светящейся.


Milk is not only good for health, but also gives beauty and youth. The proteins and fats contained in it, moisturize the skin and make it supple. Raw whole milk can be used as a make-up remover. Dampen the cotton swab in the milk and remove the makeup. Then rinse face with warm water.

Or mix a tablespoon of almond oil with a little milk to provide the skin with essential oils.

Natural Oils

Coconut oil is one of the best means for removing waterproof makeup. Simply moisten a cotton swab in coconut oil and cleanse eyes and face. Alternatively, apply oil to your face and gently massage your skin, and then wipe it with a cotton swab. Rinse with warm water, using a mild soap.

Оливковое масло подойдет для чувствительной кожи. Смешайте его с розовой водой и примените тот же способ снятия макияжа с использованием кокосового масла.


Honey opens the pores well and helps to clean them, so it can be used as a natural cleanser. On the fabric, apply a layer of honey and sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on top. Baking soda cleans the skin gently and gently. Gently rub your face, then rinse with water.

Aloe vera

In a small bottle fill with 1 / 2 a glass of olive oil and aloe vera juice. Shake well, and you will get an effective tool for removing make-up from the eyes. Wet a cotton swab in this mixture and apply to the skin of the eyelids. Hold for 10 seconds and dry.

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