Как скрыть признаки возраста

Как скрыть признаки возраста
Вопреки распространённому заблуждению, возраст женщины выдают не только морщины на лице. Самое печальное, что предательские маркеры «мне за тридцать» располагаются там, где заметны

Even if your face is carefully ironed with cosmetic or surgical procedures, these markers will give your age to the first person on the spot in full. Today we will tell you that the real age of a woman is especially noticeable and how to deal with it.

Neck and decolletage

The skin on the neck and in the decollete zone needs care not less than the face. Unfortunately, many forget about this, and by the age of forty wrinkles on the neck and breasts begin to dissonant with a youthful appearance of a well-groomed smooth face. Therefore, it is important to provide these parts of the body with care not less than the face skin. For this, the same creams, masks and other cosmetics are suitable.

It is also very important to control the posture and choose the right pillow so that during sleep the skin on the neck is maximally straightened. It is advisable to change the soft pillow to an orthopedic pillow – with an elastic roller that repeats the contour of the neck. Perhaps the first weeks of sleeping on it will not be very comfortable, but when you get used, fully feel its benefits. After all, the orthopedic pillow will provide not only a smooth, but a healthy neck, which is also important for the blooming kind of woman.


Do you know that the star of domestic cinema Lyubov Orlova was very shy of her hands, frost-bitten in her youth? Lubov Petrovna was forced to walk almost constantly in gloves, and on the shooting carefully watched, so that her hands, if possible, did not get into the frame. Orlova very well understood that hands give out the age almost in the first place, and it is almost impossible to fix aged skin on hands. To ensure that the delicate skin of the hands is not aged before time, take care of them constantly, every day. Use special creams and masks for hands or do them yourself. Do not do homework without gloves: for cooking, wear thin – from Lycra, surgical or silicone; for cleaning or garden-and-garden works – thick economic with internal cotton spraying. Manicure is simply necessary for hands, whose youth is behind. When choosing nail polish, give preference to natural shades.


Thinning of the skin of the lips is prevented by preparations made on the basis of beeswax and honey. Support volume will help balms based on herbs, enriched with vitamins. And do not forget about the massage: after brushing your teeth, with the same toothbrush make a light massage of the lips.

Локти и колени

Коко Шанель считала, что женщина не долж­на показывать колени никогда. Однако времена самой модной мадмуазель давно миновали, и мини прочно закре­пилось на подиумах и в умах. Тем не ме­нее завет Шанель по-прежнему актуа­лен для тех, кто находится в элегантном возрасте. Дело в том, что к этим годам редкие счастливицы могут похвастать­ся красивыми коленями – из-за того, что кожа на коленях практически постоян­но находится в движении, она растяги­вается, а с возрастом еще и теряет упру­гость. То же самое касается и локтей. Уход за локтями и коленями заключа­ется в регулярном втирании питатель­ных кремов и периодической обработ­ке скрабом.


Not "crow's feet" near the eyes, and nasolabial folds give the age first. For years now they are forming quite deep wrinkles to 25, which can not be got rid of without special salon procedures. The best tool that can not prevent, but significantly delay the formation of deep wrinkles – this manual massage. And the movements are fairly simple, not requiring a special skill. One consultation of a good beautician is enough to make sure of this, and to do the massage yourself. Of course, general skin care is necessary.

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