Как сделать макияж, как у ани лорак

Как сделать макияж, как у ани лорак
A number of recent events in the life of the popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak вознесли ее на пик славы. Возможно, именно поэтому makeup in the style of the famous singer has become extremely popular in recent years among the representatives of the fair sex. And indeed, do makeup, as in Ani Lorak Almost all girls and more mature women aspire.

You will need
  • – tone for the face
  • – powder
  • – rouge
  • – eyeshadow
  • – eyeliner
  • – mascara
  • – lip pencil
  • – Lip Gloss or Lipstick
Feature makeupbut a popular singer is a combination of the incongruous. However, if we thoroughly study methods selection and technique of applying cosmetic products, like that of a popular singer, makeup, as in Ani Lorak almost everyone can. By the way, makeup in style Ani Lorak относиться к вечернему виду makeupa.

Выровняйте цвет лица, используя тональную основу на полтона темнее, чем ваш натуральный цвет лица. Идеально подойдет для нанесения makeupа тональная basis bronze shades with the effect of light tanning and flicker. Powder face and lips with friable powder.

Spread the cheeks of the blush with a large special brush with oblique large strokes, in the direction from the lower part of the cheekbones to the temples. Blush choose bronze-brown shades. Carefully shade brush strokes. The main task of rouge in makeupe in style Ani Lorak is to emphasize the line of cheekbones. A brown shade of blush is suitable for this purpose.

Apply a metallic shade to the inner corner of the upper eyelid. To the outer corner, apply bright shades зеленого или фиолетового color shadows. Тщательно растушуйте границы colors. Alternatively, you can use a combination of shades of brown or eggplant with gray metallic. On the outline of the lower eyelid, apply liquid eyeliner бирюзового или голубого цвета.

Eyelashes bend special tweezers, apply a layer of mascara for eyelashes black, let dry and apply a second layer of mascara. To avoid the effect of stitched eyelashes, gently comb them with a special brush.

Circle the lip contour with a pencil of neutral color to avoid the smearing effect of lipstick. Use lipstick neutral colors that are close to natural. Cover your lips with brilliance.

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