Как сделать лицо худее

Как сделать лицо худее
Full face has its advantages, for example, it makes its owner seem younger. But if you are still tired of ruddy cheeky cheeks, and dream of a graceful whine, there are several ways to do it face hudae.

You will need
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal stylist
  • A set of accessories and ornaments
«Похудеть» лицу поможет сила make-up. Use this trick: on the area under the cheekbone, apply a dark tone of blush, and in the place of natural location – light hailer. So you their own hands create a new, more expressive line of cheekbones.

Another way to do this face hudae – with the help of a hairstyle. For example, a high ponytail visually draws face. Well work the same hairstyles with fleece.

Correctly matched earrings тоже помогут лицу grow thin. Если у вас полное круглое face, избегайте украшений, повторяющих его форму. Остановите свой выбор на длинных сережках. Они будут притягивать Look around and distract attention from plump cheeks.

Заставьте face lose weight with necklaces, beads, chains and pendants. In all cases, it is not recommended to wear collar or any other ornaments that are close to the neck. They focus attention on the cheeks and double chin. Choose a chain is more authentic and send to conquer acquaintances in a new way!

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