Как сделать квадратные ногти в домашних условиях

Как сделать квадратные ногти в домашних условиях
Beautiful well-groomed nails are an indispensable attribute of a modern woman. In order to independently make a quality manicure, you need a certain skill. And to give the nails an impeccable shape, you need knowledge of the features of this process. The square shape of the nails is one of the most natural and practical, so it allows you to do not only housekeeping, but also gardening works without harm to manicure. Another of its advantages is that the varnish on such nails lasts much longer.

For the procedure, you need manicure nippers, scissors with thin sharp tips, nail files of medium and fine grain, a remover for removing old varnish.

Before the session, you need to remove the old lacquer by moistening the cotton swab with a special liquid. This procedure will remove dirt and grease from the nails. Then it is recommended to make a bath for hands. You can simply immerse your fingers in the water of a comfortable temperature for 2-3 minutes, but it is advisable to add a little sea salt to it. This will strengthen the nail and positively affect its color and growth. If there is no sea salt, a little of any skin softening agent, for example, a foaming gel or liquid soap, is dissolved in the water. After the bath, dry your hands dry.

Square can be made not only natural, but also false nails. Artificial plates look as natural and have one more advantage: the nail does not have to be filed every 3-4 days.

Для придания квадратной формы достаточно освоить один несложный прием: срезать ноготь одним движением, расположив щипчики перпендикулярно кутикуле и не закругляя края ногтевой пластины. Важно точно определить оптимальную длину ногтя. Форма пластины в виде квадрата будет выглядеть более эффектно, если ее величина будет небольшой (ноготь короткий или средней длины).

To give the nail the final shape, first take a medium-sized nail file. If the plate is soft or layered, it is better to use a manicure tool with the finest abrasive. To avoid the bundles of the nail, it should be filed from the bottom up, always in one direction – along a straight line along the finger.

When the upper part of the cut is processed, you need to lightly nip the corners, this will make them less sharp. Usually, it is enough to perform 2-3 movement of the nail file. Further, if the nails are healthy and for the initial processing a medium-sized nail file was used, it is necessary to change it to a more "soft" one. This tool is brought to the ultimate gloss. The direction of movement of the nail file should be the same: from the bottom up (from the cuticle to the slice of the plate).

When all the nails take the desired shape, they need to be washed in water at room temperature. This will remove the dust left after processing the nail file. Then dry your hands dry. Then proceed directly to the manicure: they apply a varnish and decorate the nails with rhinestones or other ornaments.

Fashion women should know that the square shape of the nails does not look impressive on all types of fingers. For example, if they are thin and nodular, it will further emphasize their "fragility". For this type of hands it is better to choose oval nails and medium length. If the fingers are short and thick, do not make square nails. In this case, you can choose a trapezoidal or circular plate shape

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