Как похудеть в икрах

Как похудеть в икрах
It is difficult to find a woman who would be completely satisfied with her figure. Most often even slender girls believe that they need to correct the press or buttocks, remove the knees or reduce the volume of the shoulders. In some women, discontent is caused by the volume of calves.

About losing weight

Most often it is believed that it is most easy to adjust the volume of the thighs or tighten the press, but it is difficult to reduce the eggs, and in some cases it is impossible. But this is not so. Do not trust diets that promise local weight loss, directed at any one particular area. There is no menu, adhering to which you can, for example, lose weight in the buttocks, leaving the chest and abdomen unchanged. That's why a diet for lean calves is a myth. To get rid of excess fat requires a comprehensive approach.

In food, try to limit the consumption of sweet, fatty, salty foods. Exclude from the menu semi-finished products, fast food and carbonated drinks. Try to avoid alcohol. Dinner no later than 3 hours before sleep and do not let yourself starve. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. In order to eliminate the problem of too large calves, the main emphasis should be placed on exercises that contribute to training and tightening the calf muscles.

Exercises for giving beautiful outlines of calves

Первое упражнение. Исходное положение: встаньте прямо таким образом, чтобы пальцы ног находились на возвышенности, а пятки на весу. Для этого можно встать на порог или толстую книгу либо какую-нибудь деревяшку. Задержав пятки на весу, медленно опускайте их на пол, затем возвращайтесь в исходное положение. Повторите упражнение от 20 до 30 раз.

Для того чтобы увидеть результат, необходимо выполнять упражнения регулярно.

Второе упражнение. Чтобы избавиться от лишнего жира необходимы кардионагрузки. Прыжки на месте или через скакалку прекрасно справятся с этой проблемой, к тому же они подтянут икроножные мышцы.

The third exercise. Very useful step to reduce the volume of fat calves. Put in front of a step-platform or a small stool and walk. First put the right foot up, then the left one. Go down your right foot, put the left side next to it. Continue up to 30 steps on each leg.

Classes on simulators in this case are contraindicated. After all, the muscles will begin to grow, and the volume of calves will become even greater.

Do not forget about the stretching. This will help the muscles relax and give them a beautiful smooth outline. Perfectly suitable for stretching calves springing attacks, as well as wrinkles.

Yoga or Pilates is also a wonderful find for those who want to reduce calves. You can practice at the gym with an instructor or at home for video exercises or photos depicting the correct performance of exercises.

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