Как окрашивать нарощенные волосы

Как окрашивать нарощенные волосы
Women tend to change. Today she wants to be a burning brunette, tomorrow – a gentle blonde, and the day after tomorrow – to blind the eyes of those around her with long red curls. If the hair color is easy to change with the help of special paints, tonics and shampoos, what about the length of the hair? To help women with short haircuts comes a very popular procedure to date – hair extensions. Extraordinary strands, to the great joy of the fair sex, can also be painted.

Choose for coloring exfoliated hair only means, the content of the oxidant in which does not exceed 6%.

Чтобы избежать различия в оттенках своих и нарощенных волос, лучше окрасить искусственные локоны до самой процедуры их наращивания. Получив результат на искусственных прядях, вам будет проще подобрать правильное содержание красителя и оксиданта в составе средства для окрашивания собственных волос.

Give preference to various shampoos and toners for coloring hair, rather than paint. First, try the selected remedy on a small strand to evaluate the result. If the resulting color you like, boldly proceed to staining the rest of the hair. After using the shade of the shampoo, do not forget to apply a balm to the hair.

If you decide to change the color of the hair with the help of paint, use only high-quality professional tools for this, which can be purchased in specialized salons or hairdressing salons.

Try to avoid a radical change in the color of the embroidered strands, otherwise the resulting result can greatly upset you. Therefore, make a decision about the depth of color of "new" hair before they grow.

Before painting, separate the artificial strands from natural ones. Then apply a dyeing compound on your hair and leave it on for 5-20 minutes. The waiting time depends on the type of paint. Then distribute the coloring agent along the length of the hair extensions. Try not to get the paint on the places where the artificial strands are fastened.

After the time necessary to get the desired shade of hair extensions, rinse them thoroughly, avoiding tangles. Then, apply a balm-color fixer to the locks and again rinse the hair thoroughly.

After staining the hair extensions, be sure to use various means to hold their shade.

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