Как не ошибиться в выборе губной помады

Как не ошибиться в выборе губной помады
Make lips expressive and sensitive, emphasize their shape, saturate with moisture. All this is under the power of modern cosmetics. Not to be mistaken in the choice of lipstick will help some tips.

On the surface of lipstick should not be droplets or streaks. Lipstick of poor quality is not plastic, brittle, usually with an unpleasant odor.

To check the quality of lipstick, draw a line on the sheet of paper, it should be homogeneous, without lumps and roughness.

To find out what color lipstick really is, put it on the wrist and bring it to the light.

Lipstick case actually serves not only for beauty, but also for protection, for example, packaging with a double click prevents the penetration of dirt and microbes, and lipstick lasts longer.

Pearlescent lipstick has a specific metallic luster, gives an opaque coating and beautifully poured on the lips.

Shimmering lipstick gives a translucent coating and a slight luminous effect, making your lips look more plump.

Matte lipstick provides a dense coating of deep color without any hint of gloss. In the composition of these lipsticks, a lot of wax and pigments.

Resistant lipstick forms a special transparent film, which protects the dye from abrasion. This lipstick lasts from 8 to 24 hours, but causes a dry mouth, discomfort and dry skin. Therefore, it should be used from time to time.

Lipstick cream looks very attractive, but it does not last long. In such a lipstick, a lot of softeners, which give the lips a moist look.

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