Как нанести блеск для губ правильно

Как нанести блеск для губ правильно
Lip gloss comes in the form of pencils and pens with a brush, is packed in pencil cases and jars, and is supplied with brushes or sponges. Whichever version of the tool you choose, learn how to correctly apply it. Only then the shine will lie exactly and beautifully, will not disappear after a few hours and will not spread out beyond the contours of the lips.

You will need
  • – shine;
  • – a contour pencil for lips;
  • – corrector or base;
  • – Lipstick or balm;
  • – paper napkin.
Подготовьте lipss – to cover easily evenly, the skin should be perfectly smooth. Treat it with a scrub or candied honey, rub it with a soft toothbrush, peeling off the dead cells and leveling the relief lips. Brush a little moisturizing face cream with your fingertips. If the gloss dries your lipss, put under it a thin layer of nutritious balm.

Draw a contour with a wax pencil – colorless or natural tone. This will not protect the gloss from spreading and will make the drawing lips более четким. Наберите немного средства на кисточку или спонж и короткими штрихами нанесите его, не выходя за границы карандаша. Старайтесь накладывать тон тонким равномерным слоем, следя, чтобы он не затекал в складки lips.

If the coating is too tight, remove the excess by gently wetting lipswith a paper napkin. A more thin layer can be achieved if the gloss is applied with the tip of the index or middle finger. Distribute it with soft patting movements. This method is ideal for natural make-up.

Are you interested in a more intense color? Apply gloss over lipstick of the appropriate tone. Outline the contour lips pencil, paint them with lipstick and apply the remedy of the chosen shade, trying to put it closer to the middle – so the mouth will look more plump.

To increase lipss, put on them a layer of special base of a solid shade. Try to superimpose it in a very thin, even layer – so the result will be more natural. Slightly drive the product into the skin with your fingertips. Wait a couple of minutes and apply a neutral shine over the base.

Bright or dark saturated color can reduce and narrow lipss. Apply them tonal and lightly powder. Carefully distribute the shine, not reaching the outline of the mouth. Take care that it does not smudge in the corners. Note that saturated tones will often have to be updated and constantly checked to see if they need correction. So do not forget to put a tube or stick with a glitter in the cosmetic bag and grab it with you.

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