Как мазать ресницы касторовым маслом

Как мазать ресницы касторовым маслом
Unfortunately, most women often face problems of brittleness and loss of eyelashes. First of all, it is associated with various diseases and frequent use of carcasses. Currently, there are a lot of cosmetic products for the care and restoration of eyelashes, but even the best of them do not compare with the effect of conventional castor oil.

You will need
  • An ordinary cotton swab or a clean brush for mascara.
Castor butter pour into an old pre-washed container for carcass. In addition, many manufacturers of castor Oil for eyelashes produce it in special flacons with brushes.

Apply castor oil on tips and the middle eyelashes. This procedure is recommended to be conducted daily in the evenings during 2-3 weeks. After this, it is desirable do break for 10 days. Before applying the oil eyelashes обязательно нужно тщательно очистить от грязи и остатков от косметических средств.

Leave the castor oil on eyelashes at night, not even despite the appearance of a positive effect. Eyes can swell and blush. Therefore, after 15-20 minutes after castor oil on eyelashes it is necessary wash off with a cotton swab.

Кроме того, касторовое масло для ресниц может применяться еще и в сочетании с другими составами и препаратами: витамином А, морковным соком, ромом (в равных пропорциях) и соком алоэ (в соотношение 70:30).

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