Как защитить кожу летом

Как защитить кожу летом
Most women are confident that in summer it is better to give up tonal means, giving the face a rare sun in our latitudes. However, to protect the skin from sun, dust and other environmental aggression, competent make-up is necessary. This article gives recommendations on how to make such a make-up.

The main task of summer make-up is to protect the pores from dirt and dust, as well as skin from the sun, since ultraviolet radiation is one of the main factors of aging. In addition, make-up should hide the imperfections of the skin and emphasize our natural beauty.

If the skin without special structural problems, you can use the lightest version of makeup – sunscreen plus a corrector in tone. Small reddening and pimples "hide" with the help of an equalizer, which should be as efficiently as possible in the problem areas, so that there are no noticeable boundaries. To do this, apply makeup in daylight, preferably at the window. Also, the corrector can come in handy for the area around the eyes in order to disguise dark circles. Those parts of the face, on which there are no problems, can rest from the makeup under sunscreen. It is desirable that the protective agent is light, moisturizing and quickly absorbed, then it will replace day care.

Если кожа требует более активной маскировки, вам подойдет сочетание солнцезащитного крема with a proofreader on problem areas and light powder on a mineral basis. To powder fell as flat as possible, without affecting the sunscreen, you need to use a wide brush. This makeup will suit women with white skin, freckles and numerous birthmarks.

Летом можно использовать современные тональные и тонирующие кремы. Главное, обратить внимание на то, чтобы в составе крема не было масла (oil-free), иначе он будет забивать поры и провоцировать различные высыпания. Желательно, чтобы крем обладал увлажняющими качествами, содержал витамины.

Летние тональные и тонирующие кремы должны обладать солнцезащитным фактором со значением 10-15. Если тональный крем не защищает от солнца, под макияж можно нанести солнцезащитное средство.

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