Как добиться длинных волос

Как добиться длинных волос
Beautiful and well-groomed hair are the adornment of every girl, especially if they are long. To grow hair of the necessary length is sometimes not easy, because it takes a lot of time, strength and patience. There are several ways to extend the hair quickly.

The fastest and most noticeable way to extend hair is to build it. This procedure can be done not only in salon beauty, but also in Home conditions. Buy in specialized shop forceps for fastening strands, hair distributor and strands, on ends which already have keratin capsules.

Вымойте свои волосы шампунем. Если вы хотите изменить цвет волос, то сделайте это до наращивания. Разделите волосы пробором по всей окружности головы. Верхний слой волос стяните резинкой, иначе они будут мешать. Выделите небольшую прядь волос (7-10 мм) с помощью специального разделителя.

At a distance of a centimeter from the roots of the hair, attach an artificial strand. Tighten the joint of the hair with forceps to melt the capsule. After the melted capsule has cooled, the hair will be securely attached to each other.

There is another way to extend hair with artificial strands. Acquire in the store strands that are attached to the head with the help of secret pins. Dividing the hair into a circular parting, fasten the locks so that the hairpins remain invisible.

If you have curly hair, you can lengthen them visually. To do this, straighten them with a hair iron. Longer straightening can be done in the cabin, with the use of special tools.

If such cardinal measures do not suit you, and you decided grow hair naturally, then follow the rules that help speed up this process.

Start to grow your hair in autumn or in the summer. Discard the chemical hair coloring. Не расчесывайте мокрые волосы и не пользуйтесь феном. Покупайте шампуни и бальзамы, подходящие для вашего типа волос. Ежемесячно подравнивайте кончики на 1-1,5 см. Делайте массаж головы.

Two or three times a week, make hair masks. Apply on the head burdock oil for 30-40 minutes before washing. Cover your head with polyethylene and a warm towel. Rinse the oil thoroughly from the hair.

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