Как выглядеть красиво в 60 лет

Как выглядеть красиво в 60 лет
Earlier in 60 years it was possible to be the most real old woman. Now, with the advent of new opportunities and technologies, being just an old lady is not interesting. Now we try to live and enjoy life, thereby further alienating ourselves from the thought of impending old age.

Most importantly, it is in the turmoil of days to allocate time for yourself, so that in adulthood, be not only attractive, but also feel desired. This is especially true if you are not only externally beautiful, but also possess a strong and rebellious nature. Appearance directly depends on the health of the whole body. Therefore, there are a number of simple but good rules, observing which, appearance and health will be on top. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, and in the morning drink a few quail eggs. Try not to stay in the sun for a long time and drink as much water as possible.

Say goodbye to the fragrant coffee. Now your favorite invigorating drink is green tea without sugar. Your daily sleep should be full, not less than eight hours. Also, move more and do not be lazy once again to make hiking or cycling. In addition, boldly go on a vegetarian diet, which is absolutely sugar-free, and use products from flour reduce to a minimum. The basis of such nutrition should be fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals and natural sugar substitutes (honey, raisins).

Do not spend money on a huge mountain of cosmetics. Better spend it on finding harmony with yourself. For example, on a trip to the snowy mountains. Do not seek plastic surgery. It is better to try wraps from seaweed and green clay. Do fitness, yoga or dancing. And after training, do not forget to relax and relax. And finally, the main rule – in order to look stunning even in your sixty, you must always be loved and surrounded by the care of the closest people.

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