Как вернуть форму после родов

Как вернуть форму после родов
Беременность и роды вносят значительные изменения в фигуру женщины. Лишний жир на бедрах и талии, выпирающий живот и вытянутые мышцы могут вызвать у молодой мамы серьезное недовольство своим внешним видом и даже привести к депрессии. Чтобы вернуть себя в форму, необходимо выполнять физические упражнения и кормить ребенка грудью.

First of all, consult an obstetrician-gynecologist who has observed your pregnancy. Find out if you can do physical exercise, gymnastics and various sports and when to start. Perhaps the course of pregnancy and childbirth has imposed certain limitations in terms of physical activity. In addition, in the first 2-3 weeks after the birth of the baby, give yourself a rest and allow the body to recover naturally.

Choose exercises that are right for you and solve your problems with the figure, and perform them daily. Do not try to achieve quick results and start with 5-7 minutes per day, then increase the duration of the sessions. Each exercise should be performed 2-3 times, gradually increasing their number to 10.

For example, to get rid of stoop will help exercise to restore posture. Stand near the wall so that your heels are from her in 10 see. Lean against the wall the waist, buttocks, scapula, occiput and lift the chest so that the entire upper back is pressed against the wall. Then take a couple of steps forward, remember this position and try to walk this way throughout the day.
Muscles of the abdomen and lower back can be restored by performing the pelvic incline. Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor. Take a deep breath, raise the pelvis, on the exhalation, draw in the stomach and press the lower back to the floor.

To strengthen the abdominal muscles the following exercise helps, which can be performed in any position. Breathe in and, slowly exhaling, simultaneously draw in the stomach and hold it in tension for a few seconds.

The muscles of the lower back and thighs are restored by pulling the knees to the chest, as well as lifting the legs. Lying on your back, slowly lift one knee and pull it to your chest, pull the second leg and press to the floor, repeat the exercise with the other leg. Then, pull both knees to the chest, lower them to the floor, stretch out your legs and lift them up one by one.

Effective means of bringing the figure to shape – грудное вскармливание. На выработку молока организм затрачивает большое количество калорий, поэтому запасы жира, накопленные за время беременности, быстро сгорают при кормлении малыша грудью. При этом ваше питание должно быть сбалансированным и разнообразным, но не ешьте за двоих: так вы не только не избавитесь от лишних килограммов, но и приобретете новые.

Another good way to restore the form is to walk a lot. Walk around with baby as much as possible, do not sit on the bench, rocking the wheelchair, but try to walk a few kilometers a day (in the park, around school etc.). Wear a baby in a sling when you go to a clinic, visit, shop: walking in combination with an extra load in the form of a child helps burn calories and helps to lose weight.

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