Как быстро снять отечность

Как быстро снять отечность
A large amount of liquid before going to bed, salty or spicy food can lead to unpleasant swelling in the morning. To give the face a fresh look, to remove swelling under the eyes is not so difficult, for this you need to know a few secrets.

You will need
  • – cold and hot water;
  • – ice from broths of herbs;
  • – potatoes;
  • – pumpkin;
  • – green tea;
  • – bandages or gauze;
  • – cabbage;
  • – корень петрушки.
Try to make contrast washing. Rinse your face several times with cold and hot water alternately, finish washing with cold water or wipe it with ice. Well, if in your refrigerator there will be prepared for this case the ice from the broth of celandine, chamomile, St. John's wort.

Удобно устройтесь в кресле и сделайте себе массаж. Легко поглаживайте и пощипывайте кожу лица от центра к периферии по массажным линиям. Ведите пальцами сверху вниз – сначала по лбу, затем под глазами, к вискам от переносицы, по линии скулы. Такой массаж займет не более минут, за это время улучшится микроциркуляция кожи и puffiness the face will decrease.

Make a mask of raw potatoes. Scrub the peeled potatoes on a grater, lightly wring out the mass (juice can be drunk, it is useful for digestion) and apply a slurry to the face. After a few minutes, wash it off with warm water.

Finely chop the pumpkin and put it on low heat, with the addition of water. When it is boiled, cool and add honey (on two parts of a pumpkin one part of honey), mix. Apply to face and wash after 10 minutes.

Brew green flavored tea and cool. In a cool tincture, moisten a gauze napkin and attach to the face, remove after 10 minutes, rinse the skin.

To remove the swelling of the legs, wrap them with cabbage leaves or mashed cabbage, from above put on leggings or wrap your feet with bandages. In an hour the result will be noticeable, but it is best to do this procedure at night.

If you often swell eyelids, pass through the meat grinder the roots of parsley and freeze. As soon as it is necessary urgently to remove puffiness, put the thawed mass on a napkin and attach to the eyelids for 10 minutes.

To look beautiful in the morning, try to drink as little liquid as possible from the evening, do not drink alcohol, do not eat fatty, salty and sharp. In addition, it is good to drink a glass of diuretic tea.

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