Как быстро отрастить шикарные волосы

Как быстро отрастить шикарные волосы
Hair decorates the appearance of both women and men. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry offers a huge selection of hair care products. But all the same to grow healthy and strong hair, we often turn to traditional medicine.

You will need
  • Egg 1 (or 2);
  • -heated water (can boiling water) 4 st. l .;
  • – Crushed oil 2 st. l .;
  • -сахар 1 ст. л.;
  • -gardenous powder 2 st.l;
  • -мисочка для приготовления маски
  • -brush for drawing;
  • -расческа;
  • – Gloves for hands;
  • -shower cap;
  • -полотенец или шапка.
In the bowl to make a mask to break the egg, add sugar, mustard powder. To stir thoroughly.

Add hot water to the resulting mixture. Vigorously move until the sugar dissolves completely.

Then add the burdock oil to the mask and move until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

We dress gloves, distribute the hair with the help of a comb so that the mask is applied only to the scalp.
After the application of the mask, the rest of the hair is moistened with burdock oil and wrapped on the back of the head.

We put on a shower cap, and we tie towels (or a cap) over top. We go with a mask from 15-60 min. At the end
This time, we wash off the mask with cool water and wash the hair with your favorite shampoo.

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