Как без спорта убрать живот

Как без спорта убрать живот
A slender waist and a pumped-up press are integral parts of a beautiful figure. If your parameters have not pleased you, do not rush to sit on a rigid diet, even if you can not play sports. To solve a problem of excess weight it is possible by means of reasonable restrictions in a delivery, regular massage and wraps. And if you still hold a course of baths for weight loss, then get rid of tummy very quickly.

You will need
  • – низкокалорийные продукты;
  • – cream or gel for weight loss;
  • – Citrus essential oils;
  • – food film;
  • – Warm clothing or slimming belt;
  • – mustard;
  • – Linden;
  • – turpentine emulsion;
  • – honey;
  • – coniferous powder.
Limit the amount of calories consumed. Refuse to bake, fried, fatty, fatty sauces, sweet soda and fast food. The last meal should be for 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you want to eat right before going to bed, then drink a glass of fat-free yogurt, eat an apple or a half of grapefruit. It seems that these simple tips can not help you, but in fact, you will see the result after the first week of restrictions.
Give up fast food

Calculate how many calories you need per day. This can be done using the formula of Muffin-Geor or Harris-Benedict. Eat at 20-30% of calories per day less than you spend. You will not be hungry, but your tummy will gradually decrease. Eat low-calorie foods: boiled chicken and lean beef, vegetables, fruits, greens. You will eat the same amount of food per day as before, but you will receive much less calories.

If you have the opportunity to change the frequency of eating, then use the fractional power method. Its meaning is as follows: there is a need every two hours, and any food, but the volume should not be more than one glass. This variant of nutrition is good because the body stops laying fat in reserve, begins to spend it immediately after taking. With this option, you too will not be hungry, and the result will appear very quickly. It is necessary to eat such a scheme for at least a month.

Every evening, do a massage of the abdomen and waist with a cream or gel for losing weight. При принятии душа обязательно массируйте тело попеременно горячей и холодной водой под большим напором. Это поможет восстановить кровообращение и уменьшить объемы.

Регулярно делайте обертывания. Нанесите на проблемную зону крем slimming with two or three drops of citrus essential oil, then wrap the body with food wrap and put on warm clothes (you can slimming the belt). The longer you spend in this state, the faster and more noticeable the result will be. Wraps should be done by the course, 10 days through 5.

Take regular baths for weight loss. For example, with mustard, lime, turpentine, honey or pine powder. You can do them no more than two weeks in a row, then you need to take a break for 5-10 days.
Baths for weight loss will not only help get rid of excess weight, but also make the skin tender and velvety

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