Идеальные параметры женского тела

Идеальные параметры женского тела
A woman who has a really good figure looks amazing in any clothes. She does not have the need to pick up hidden items of wardrobe or wear corrective underwear. What parameters should a woman have in order to make her figure ideal? When a person hears the expression "ideal parameters of a female body," then the numbers "90-60-90" immediately come to his mind. In fact, such values ??are not only rare, but they are not some sort of standard to which any woman should aspire at all costs. Most often the structure of the skeleton of women will not allow to approach these coveted parameters, no matter how much the lady does not torture herself with diets and fitness.

How does a woman's body look with perfect proportions

The most attractive female body does not correspond to any strictly defined parameters, but the correct ratio of volumes. For example, the waist of a woman with a close to ideal figure is approximately equal to the two girths of her neck. In this case, the neck volume should be equal to the wrist size multiplied by two. Finally, the most important indicator that allows a woman to look insanely attractive to the vast majority of members of the opposite sex is the ratio of the waist and hip size. If this coefficient does not exceed 0,7, then the girl can be considered a real beauty with a stunningly feminine figure.

Вышеперечисленные критерии не являются единственно верными для определения близких к идеалу женских форм. Другая популярная формула для расчета идеальных параметров подразумевает, что окружность грудной клетки девушки должна равняться половине ее роста плюс 3-5 см. Объем груди прибавляет к этой цифре еще 8-10 см. Женская талия должна быть примерно равна в объеме значению роста девушки минус 100 см. Наконец, объем бедер девушки в идеале на 25-30 см должен превышать объем ее талии.

A woman's body with ideal forms: only a delight for the eyes?

Those proportions of breast, waist and hip, which are called ideal, are not only attractive, but also indicate the health and endurance of women. When a man sees in front of him a representative of the weaker sex, who has a high chest, an aspen waist and fluffy hips, he subconsciously perceives her as a healthy female, ready for fertilization. Such a woman by nature itself is meant for the successful course of pregnancy, problem-free reproduction and feeding of numerous offspring.

Многие известные женщины, такие как Бейонсе, Жанна Фриске, Скарлет Йоханссон и Дженнифер Лопес, не вписываются в ставшие уже классическими параметры 90-60-90. Это не мешает им оставаться признанными секс-символами и самыми желанными женщинами в мире.

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