Делаем локоны на волосы средней длины

Делаем локоны на волосы средней длины
Hair of medium length often causes a lot of trouble: they have not grown enough to create complex hairstyles, but they are too long for careless frivolous lays. The ideal option for medium length hair is curling all kinds of curls. Hair, laid in curls of various shapes and sizes, never go out of fashion and are appropriate both as a daily and festive styling. To create beautiful curls can be used as a specialized means of forming curls, and improvised materials.

If for some reason there is no possibility to wind hair on curlers or use forceps, the old method of creating large curls by hand will come to the rescue. To do this, cleanly washed hair is slightly moistened with warm water and apply a small amount of mousse for styling. The hair is carefully combed, distributing the mousse along its entire length, and sparring.

A comb with a long narrow tail separates a small strand width of 2-3 cm and gently twists it around the index finger. The future locks are gently fixed with a hair clipper or hairdresser clip, after which they pass to the next strand. Hair on the occipital and parietal zone is recommended to be wound in the direction from the forehead to the occiput, this will give the locks a natural appearance.

The wound hair is carefully dried with a hair dryer, trying to avoid creating excessively hot air. After the hair has completely cooled, the clamps are carefully removed, and the resulting curls are gently combed with fingers. The shape of the finished hairstyle is attached with a comb with rare teeth, for fixing the hair, a small amount of wax is used.

To form beautiful curls, the hair should be very well dried: even a slightly moist strand will instantly lose its shape.

Creating spectacular curls in a retro style, requires a thorough thorough combing of the hair in such a way that no tangled strands remain. The hair is moistened from the spray, the laying gel is applied and spread evenly over the entire length. The stitching starts from the forehead, holding a small strand between the index and middle finger and forming a small wavy bend. Behind the wave, the hair is secured with a clamp and proceeds to create the next bend.

In the same order, the waves are formed on each strand on both sides of the parting. After that, the hair is lightly sprayed with a varnish or a special fixing spray, the curls are covered with a hair net and dried with a hair dryer.

Instead of a grid, you can use the nozzle-diffuser for the hair dryer. The main thing is that during the drying process the waves are not deformed.

After the hair dries, the clamps are carefully removed, the waves are gently combed with fingers, giving them the proper arrangement in the hairdo. If necessary, with the help of a small amount of wax, curls of individual strands are modeled. It is not recommended to use brushes or combs when laying – they can damage the appearance of the curl.

When creating large or spiral curls, curlers of the appropriate shape or electric clamp are used. Hair should be divided into four identical sectors and apply a small amount of styling or thermal protection to them.

Завивку начинают с челки, закручивая ее ко лбу, после чего переходят на теменную, затылочную и боковые стороны. Для имитации естественного завитка можно использовать бигуди различной величины. Готовые локоны осторожно расчесывают и закрепляют лаком для волос.

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