Визуально выделяем скулы с помощью макияжа

Визуально выделяем скулы с помощью макияжа
Beautiful and expressive cheekbones look elegant and sexy. In order to profitably emphasize a healthy blush, you need to be able to use the brush and know some secrets. Stylists recommend having in the cosmetic arsenal several means to emphasize cheekbones: blush, bronzer and highlighter. Each of them has its own peculiarities. Blush is released in a liquid, creamy and dry form. The shade should be as close as possible to the tone of your skin at the time you blush. If you are in the store, lightly pinch your cheeks. So, the skin itself will tell you which shade you should choose. Apply a blush on the convex part of the cheeks. To determine this place, smile broad enough. To face looked harmonious, be sure to apply blush on the hair growth line.

If you are the owner of an oval face, emphasize the middle of your cheeks with horizontal strokes.

Bronzer choose one that is 1 or 1,5 shades darker than your skin. In order to determine the place of application of the bronzer, open the mouth in the form of the letter O. Apply the bronzer not on the cheekbones, but on the area below them. It is advisable to use a medium-sized soft brush. Be sure to spread the bronzer on your cheeks: the color will become softer and more natural. There are different types of bronzers: cream, in the form of powder or balls. Cream agents are conveniently applied with fingers.

For bronzers and blush, there is one general rule: they should not radically differ from the shade of your skin. An exception is possible only in one case: if you want to select the cheekbones for the photo.

To adjust the triangular face, apply a dark blush on the protruding cheekbones in the shape of a diamond. Put light blush on the scutum hollow.

With the help of blush, bronzer and hailer, you can visually adjust the round face. First, disguise all the shortcomings and create a smooth skin effect with the help of a highlighter. Apply blush closer to the temples. The brush should move from the bottom up. After that, grow border.

If your oval face is too long, use a dark bronzer in its lower part. In addition, darken the upper part of the face, namely the forehead.

On the square face, blush apply diagonally to the side areas. The cheeks can be highlighted with a light pink tinge. These simple manipulations will give the face a fresh look and divert attention from the prominent cheekbones.

A very good way to make cheekbones more visible is to use dark powder. Before applying the product, thoroughly clean the face and moisten it. To apply the powder, use a tipped brush. Apply powder under the cheekbones in the direction from the ear. If the boundary between skin and powder is very noticeable, carefully blend it. Thanks to powder, the face will not change dramatically, but will become more prominent.

During the evening make-up, use the shimmer. Just walk them on the cheekbones, even if you have already put on blush. Shimmer will give the skin a light flicker and incredible freshness. In addition to the cheekbones, it is possible to apply the remedy to the inner corners of the eyes and to the forehead.

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