Western BB Creams : The Complete List



Now, the West has finally caught on the BB Cream craze that we had a few years back. Here is a list of the Western BB Creams that have been released, some only for the Asian market, and some for the Western market.  Here is the complete list :





1. Agnes B BB Cream ( French )




2. Vichy Aera BB Cream ( French )




3. Marcelle BB Cream ( Canadian )




4. Christian Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream ( there are 2 versions : old and new. Check out the swatches : here )




5. Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream



6. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream




7. 3Lab Perfect BB SPF 40




8. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream




9. Boots N7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream



10. 17 BB Blemish Balm ( sold in Boots.com )




11. MAC BB Beauty Balm




12. Bobbi Brown BB Cream




13. Kiko BB Cream ( Italian )





13. L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream




14. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream




15. Boscia BB Cream




16. Biotherm White D-Tox BB Cream




17. Lancome UV Expert GN Shield BB Base

Lancome upgraded this BB Cream this year and now it will be named Lancome UV Expert GN Shield BB Complete and will come in two shades : warm and cool shown below :




18. Lancome UV Expert Triple Potency BB Cream ( 2012 Upgraded Version )




19. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream




20. Maybelline Pure Minerals BB Cream




21. Too Faced BB Beauty Balm




22. Stila HD BB Beauty Balm




23. Embryolisse BB Cream


Sanctuary Skin Perfecting BB Cream - beauty buy of the day


24. Sanctuary Skin Perfecting BB Cream



25. Dr Brandt Flexitone BB Cream


26. Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB



27. Erborian Ginseng BB Cream

28. Embryolisse BB Cream


s jumps


29. Origins A Perfect World BB Cream




30. Origins VitaZing BB Cream




31. DIOR Prestige White Collection Blemish Balm BB Cream




32. Chanel CC Cream




33. Dior Hydralife BB Cream



34. Helena Rubinstein Premium UV BB Base




35. Giorgio Armani Luminessence Bright Revelator Universal Greige BB Fluid




36. TAAJ Ayurveda BB Cream




37. Une Intuitive Touch BB Cream Foundation ( French )




38. Maybelline Gemey Dream Fresh BB Cream




39. So Bio Etic BB Cream ( French )


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Olga-Sokolova/100000704991726 Olga Sokolova

    i am afraid of buying western bb creams, because i don’t want to be disappointed in such great product)

    • Anonymous

      i’ve tried a few.. they’re not bad at all.

      The Lancome BB Cream is really famous in Asia.. and is one of the best-selling BB Creams in Japan and the rest of asia too!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Olga-Sokolova/100000704991726 Olga Sokolova

        really? i suppose that original product is always better.. buuut may be it’s just a a matter of taste

        • Anonymous

          haha that is because of the asian mentality that ‘western stuff is better than asian’ . so products like chanel, lancome, dior are so famous. that is why i made the blog to show them that not everything western is good and better!

          • Sumiko

            Funny how since I have discovered Korean skincare I have never looked back and I find Korean products to be much better than any western ones I have tried so far. My skin has been completely transformed and my foundation replaced by BB cream. I am totally hooked and I am Caucasian!

          • hopeinablog

            that’s great ! do share your experience with the products if u see that i write an article on them someday! :)

  • http://lunalunaface.wordpress.com/ Luna

    Sad to say I haven’t tried any of these! I’ve got too many Korean ones to get through.. i came across the Loreal nude Magique one at the Nice airport last week but they only had the lightest shade which is too fair for me.. If not I might have caved in and bought it to try =)

    • hopeinablog

      apparently the loreal one is crap from what the readers have been telling me, and reading the reviews on the french forums

  • Laure

    Okay, so I live in Paris, and even if we can hear quite a lot about BB Creams, it’s not so easy to find them !! Sephora used to sell the Erborian BB Cream (which has good reputation), but it doesn’t anymore and sells now only Dr Brandt’s. In Monoprix I found the Garnier BB Cream, and I stick to this one, which I found not too bad and at a correct price (less than 20 euros, having to put before my day cream, and after my makeup, so it’s something which adds on…), but the colour is not so great : my skin is quite pale (I’m a natural dark blond), and it gives me a light tan aspect which is kind of natural (“Light” shade), but is not what I like the most (no, not ALL western people enjoy having a tan… it used to be cool for my grandmother !), although it makes my skin look really better, with radiance, and that’s why I continue to use it.
    I almost never heard of the other ones, except for the Agnès b. (don’t know if it’s efficient or not, but this brand usually makes good products -only quite not at an intersting price compared to others – ), maybe UNE (don’t even know where to buy UNE’s products and it’s really not so well known here, so I would ask myself if they sell quality products).

    • Laure

      (For the tan thing, I may add that due to the fact that I’m a blond, I naturally only get sun burns and not a tan… my skin is too fragile for that. So it would also be quite strange to have a tan with makeup : my face would look orange/brown while the rest of my skin would still tend to the white ? ^^ )

  • malibubytch7

    If the western ones suck, what is a good asian one for oily skin?

  • Lee

    Is this getting updated?

    • hopeinablog

      it already is ;) click on the BB link section and u will see the lists

  • Lee

    Is this complete for whole 2012? And why don’t you make a list of all the asian bbs?

  • Liz

    Is this complete, so all released bb creams for 2012 is there from all over the world

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