Skin79, Tonymoly & Mamonde releases vibrating BB/foundation machines




Vibrating Foundation Machines has definitely been the beauty gadget of the year – we’ve seen the smaller unknown companies releasing it and becoming a bit hit – which the bigger companies then jumped onto the bandwagon. Now almost all of the mass market brands such as Enprani, It’s Skin, The Saem have their own version of the vibrating foundation / BB machines.


First off, we have the Skin79 BB Pacer 비비 페이서




This machine comes with 4 extra puffs, and can be used with any BB Cream.


Next off, we have Amore Pacific’s Mamonde Magic Touch Auto Puff 마몽드 매직터치 오토 퍼프 which gives a complete 3D Vibration effect on the skin.




Last but not least, TonyMoly Prestige Carat Smartab BB 프레스티지캐럿스마탭비비크림






This is the only one out of the 3 that comes with a BB Cream. The BB Cream is an 8-in-1 : whitening, UV protection of SPF48, whitening, makeup base, foundation, anti-wrinkle and a vibration puff machine which ensures natural flawless coverage.

With 9,000 vibration per minute, the machine also rotates 360 degrees to boost adhesion to the skin. It’s portable size makes it convenient to bring around too!

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